Winners, Face Care (Leave On), 2014

Gold Award

Herb Farmacy

herbfarmacy, Mallow Beauty Balm

“Texture is smooth and velvetty not greasy like other balms, which I really liked … The fragrance is gentle, natural and herbal … absorbed particularly well” 
“Skin sooooooo soft and touchable … looked brighter, plumper, my irritation was smoothed and happy skin means I am a happy girl!” 
“My favourite product by far, beautiful, naturally anti-ageing wonderfully scrumptious product” 
“Brilliant value and packaging looks upmarket and special” 


Silver Award

Aurelia Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser

“Skin felt hydrated from first use. Really impressed. Had a nice calming effect and was a great primer for make up” 
“Skin looked smooth, plumper, healthier, and anti-ageing. A mild fragrance with an overtone of lavender and a rich, creamy texture: I would buy it; an excellent product and it delivered more than expected especially in giving my skin a youthful glow”

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm

“Scent is fabulous – quite floral with woody undertone but not too strong. Texture looked very thick, but melted and absorbed beautifully. Was surprised how easily absorbed it was” 
“A talented, versatile little balm that is a travel gem if you want to reduce the contents of your toiletry bag. I used it as a cleanser, moisturiser, heal, knee and elbow treatment, cuticle conditioner and lip salve”

Purely SKINful Anti Ageing Night Cream with Celligent

“High quality product with an inexpensive price tag. Packaging was lovely – very feminine. Brilliant value for money.” 
“I absolutely loved the scent of this cream, it smelled full of natural oils and really high quality; lovely on my skin – a great product” 
“Has improved the texture of my skin and the tone in a short amount of time”


Bronze Award

Suti Honour, Coconut & Roses Face Cream

“It is soothing and pleasurable to use. Tightens the skin – looks plumper and radiant” 
“Skin felt soft, nourished and nurtured … make up went on smoothly … very soothing, just wish it was more affordable” 
“Packaging modern, clean and expensive looking; good design job”

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