Winners, Face Care (Take Off), 2014

Gold Award

Tropic Skin Care, Smoothing Cleanser with Organic Bamboo Cloth

Tropic cleanser

“The best cleanser I’ve used. So refreshing. Lovely product. Well packaged. Great value for money.” 
“Perfect consistency. Thick and creamy texture. Lovely, uplifting, refreshing fragrance. Removed every trace of make up, even stubborn eye make up. Left skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Exceeded all expectations.” 
“Absolutely amazing. Many girls are lazy about taking make up off at night – me included. With this I actually looked forward to it!” 
“Ace – don’t change a thing!” 
“Super soft cloth – a real joy” 


Silver Award

Aurelia, Miracle Cleanser

“Could not have been easier and more pleasant to use. Just the right consistency and glides on wonderfully. Luxurious and creamy to the touch. Indulgent.” 
“Left my skin feeling clean, exfoliated and wonderfully moisturised” 
“Took off all my make-up without rubbing and just melted away the mascara” 

Botanicals, Gentle Cleansing Melt

“Really couldn’t ask for anything easier to use: my skin felt amazing after using this!” 
“My skin was left feeling more supple and velvety smooth, with reduced shininess. My overall skintone looked clearer, brighter and more even.” 
“Love love love the natural fragrance and pretty (recyclable) packaging”

Organic Surge, Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

“I have never used a hot cloth cleanser before but now I am converted. All traces of make up disappeared completely – Excellent” 
“My skin looked brighter after a few days’ use. It promises to clean well and be sensitive on the skin and it does this really well. I would buy it. I liked the packaging and the pump feature is great.”


Bronze Award

Jane Scrivner, Nourishing Cleanser

“Glorious to use. Classic smell, gorgeous, rich and unctuous. Melted the day away, skin felt fresh and thorougly cleansed, using the cleansing mitt just made the whole experience luxurious. Expensive, but has became my go-to for end-of-day cleansing and shall continue!” 
“Easy to use, a great balm, a little goes a long way”

Kinvara Skincare, Absolute Cleansing Oil

“I liked it; gentle and fresh. Took off the majority of my make up very easily. It left my skin feeling cleansed and mosturised. I was surprised by how much make up it removed; Far gentler than cleansers from large international brands.” 
“Lovely essential oil smell; skin soft; a fantastic product” 
“Impressive ingredients list”

UrbanVeda, Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish

“Gave a really thorough exfoliation and left skin feeling clean and fresh without being stripped. I definitely would buy it. Unisex, and excellent value” 
“This product performed really well, skin felt totally clean, smooth and refreshed. Easy to rinse off” 
“I loved the fragrance! Mint and eucalyptus, very fresh – grains just ‘scrubby’ enough”

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