Winners, Hair Care, 2017

logoGold Award

Green People, Neutral/Scent Free Shampoo

“When I use the product and dry my hair it continues look healthy, shiny and glossy. I was surprised how well it lathered despite being “green” and fragrance-free.  No extra product was needed to achieve a good wash.  It was also nicely textured; not too watery, runny or thick.  After usage my hair looked cared for and healthy. It performed well, and left no sensitivity or after effects.”

“Worked very effectively. Thick gel, texture pleasant, slight almond fragrance. My hair has been soft and manageable while using this shampoo. It worked and I would buy it.”


Silver Award

Odylique, Gentle Herb Shampoo

“The shampoo has a neutral fragrance (good) with a texture that is easy to work in. I liked both. It suited me well. I shower more than once a day and this product fits with my busy lifestyle. With this shampoo there were no ill-effects with more than regular usage. A simple and good ‘Free From’ shampoo.”

“My scalp feels very comfortable and my hair is looking shiny and healthy. I want a shampoo that is free from irritants, of a natural origin, that makes my hair look and feel naturally healthy. This shampoo delivered.”


Bronze Award

Ayumi, Repair Bio Active Hair Oil

“After a month my hair is much softer and I have found that by using it twice a week my curly hair is much less frizzy and the curls are more defined and shinier.”

“Hair and scalp feel nourished. An intensive moisture treatment. Labelling is clear, the ingredients natural, the packaging is a practical plastic bottle, and excellent value for money.”

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