The Free From Skincare Awards, now in their eighth year, aim to celebrate the best in ‘free from’ skincare products — cosmetics ‘free from’ some of the many ingredients which consumers need or want to avoid, be it due to health issues, skin allergies, ethical concerns, environmental issues, religious sensibilities, personal preference, or other reasons.

The awards are part of a family of free from awards, which includes the Free From Food Awards and the Free From Eating Out Awards.

The awards — which open annually in late Winter — are entirely independent and all entries are subject to a rigorous testing and judging process, culminating in the announcement of a Shortlist in May, and the Winners in July.

The awards are widely promoted through their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To find out more about getting involved, start at How to Enter.

Parties interested in sponsoring the Awards, please see our Sponsorship page.


Our People

Kirsty Mawhinney (Awards Administrator)

Kirsty is the Administrator of our FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

Kirsty is not only a skincare expert, but a brand consultant, helping start-up and established brands to define their business strategies and supporting their launches.

She has over twenty years’ experience working with some of the biggest names in skincare, mainly in educational roles, and is the Director of her company, Skin Insight.

You can contact Kirsty by email here.


Alex Gazzola (Awards Co-ordinator)

Alex is Co-ordinator and the Co-founder of the Free From Skincare Awards.

He is a writer specialising in allergies, food intolerances and gut disorders, and has written several books, as well as articles for hundreds of publications in dozens of countries worldwide.

He runs two allergy websites — Allergy Insight, covering all allergies and intolerances, and MI Free, dedicated to allergy to the isothiazolinone preservatives. His personal website is here.

You can contact Alex by email here.


Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (Free From Awards Director)

Michelle is the Co-founder of the Free From Skincare Awards, and Founder both the Free From Food Awards and the Free From Eating Out Awards.

She runs the Foods Matter website for people with allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease, and has written over two dozen books on restricted diets.

She blogs regularly at Michelle’s Blog.



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