Winners 2012

Best FreeFrom Skincare Product 2012


Qsilica Remove Make up and Grime Cleansing Gel 

‘Absolutely love this – it does exactly what it promises and leaves your face squeaky clean but well moisturised. A unique and stand-out product’.


Body Care and Hair Care Products

Gold Award

Spiezia – Calendula Ointment

‘Lovely fresh herbal fragrance’, ‘surprising soft texture, easy to use and apply’, ‘skin was less flaky, red and irritated’,’only a tiny bit needed, good topical ointment, lovely in my handbag’, ‘100% organic – fantastic’.


Silver Award

Barefoot SOS – Face and Body Rescue Cream

‘Easily absorbed, leaves skin soft and protected, fresh lemony smell, smoothening and softening, no irritation – effect lasts all day’, ‘much improved skin tone, relieved dry scaly skin too – delivered well’.

Salcura – DermaSpray Natural Skin Nourishment

‘Nice fragrance, light texture, absorb easily, less dry skin and less irritated, cleared nasty patch of eczema within 3 days’, ‘stings slightly on eczematous skin but calmed skin and made it less red’, ‘felt difference immediately – urge to scratch reduced – the ONLY product I’ve found to work with instant effect’.


Bronze Award

Gentle Green – Ecz-tend Soothing Cream

‘Absorbed well and healed chapped fingers’, ‘thick balm, quite oily, but a miracle worker once you get past the smell – healed my hand rash – amazing’, ‘pretty, gentle packaging but hard to read ingredients’.

Miessence – Organic Foaming Hand Soap

‘Gorgeous, cleans quickly and fully – ultra kind to skin, no reactions’, ‘lemony lovely, only little needed, easy rinse but needed moisturiser afterwards’, ‘easy to rinse off and liked organic status’.

Salcura – Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser

‘Definitely smoother – my daughter kept stroking her arms saying how lovely they felt. Dry patches less noticeable. After a week definite change in skin – still red but less flaky/itchy.’
‘Only need a tiny bit, cooling and relieves itching. Really helped my eczema. Redness disappears.’

Make up

Gold Award

Eden Fresh Therapies – Natural Nail Polish Remover

‘Amazing to have a genuinely chemical-free nail varnish remover – how difficult must that have been to make’, ‘love the bottle’, ‘really does condition the nails while removing the polish – and was brilliant on hard, brittle cuticles’, ‘takes a bit longer and needs a bit more than the usual stuff but smells nice – and works!’


Silver Award

Essential Care – Eye/Lip Liner

‘Lovely colour’, ‘no drag’, ‘loved that it was so natural’, ‘long-lasting and no irritation’.


Bronze Award

Bellápierre – Mineral Eye Shadow

‘Smooth, easy to apply’, ‘economical, and the colour holds’, ‘the best eye shadow I’ve ever used’.


Face care products

Gold Award

Qsilica – Remove Make up and Grime Cleansing Gel

‘Very easy to use and to squeeze out right amount’, ‘smelled great and did exactly as promised’, ‘left face squeaky clean but well moisturised’, ‘gentle, smooth jel-like consistency’, ‘really good hydration’, ‘love the monochrome packaging’, ‘absolutely love this’.


Silver Award

Antipodes – Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

‘Soft, plump, hydrating, buttery rich, delicate manuka fragrance’, ‘good for mature skin’, ‘my skin felt smooth, supple and moisturised’, ‘one of my cheeks normally feels dry, but, after using this for 2 weeks the dryness has gone’.

Faith in Nature – Intensive Moisturising Cream

‘Pleasant coconutty fragrance’, ‘reduced dry patches, very moisturising, left my skin smoother and brighter’, ‘easy-to-work-with texture, leaves a nice smooth finish’, ‘delivered beyond expectations – have searched for years for facial moisturiser that works!’


Bronze Award

Borealis Organic Skincare – Calendula Daily Defence Cream

‘Soft, hydrating, comfortable’, ‘liked delicate calendula colour and fragrance’, ‘lovely nourishing butteryiness’, ‘bad labelling – impossible to read the ingredients’

Inlight – Ecz Easy Calendula and Plantago Soothing Balm

‘Soothing from moment it was applied’, ‘easy to spread but quite greasy, although does absorb after few minutes’, ‘skin much more supple and soft after a few weeks, and less prone to drying/cracking’, ‘good for chapped hands, less sore than before, softer, moisturising, a great cream’.

Salcura – Antiac Acne Clearing Spray

‘Improvement slow at first, but once acne started settling skin looked clearer and there were fewer spots’, ‘Simple to use, fewer spots since using, improved patches of red, great product’, ‘strong smell of teatree but it definitely reduces blackheads’, ‘skin felt healthy after use’.

Sukin – Moisture Restoring Night Cream

‘Light, silky texture, not a bit greasy and was absorbed very quickly’, ‘nice and simple, not overwhelming, and lovely subtle fragrance’, ‘felt satisfying’.


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