Winners, Body Care (Leave On), 2018


SenSpa, Talc Free Natural Body Powder

“Beautiful texture to this which left the skin silky smooth. Divine fragrance. I used it on my body after bathing and to freshen up before my workouts. It made me realise how much I missed talcum powder which I stopped using years ago … was great to find a substitute for a product which I’d always liked. It is so useful when putting on tights/leggings. Packaging is perfect. Great ingredients. Great value. What’s not to love?”

“Really soothing on the skin. The fragrance is very delicate, not intrusive, non-irritating.  It worked very well indeed, leaving me much more comfortable during the day. It didn’t leave marks behind that couldn’t be brushed off. Absorbs the moisture and stops chaffing. It more than delivered what I expected. After a month, my skin is much less stessed in the areas in which it tends in chaff and, considering the warm weather we have had, that’s a major achievement.”



Pure Lakes Skincare, Rose & Geranium Skin Repair Bar

“Really amazing in treating gardening hands; no skin cracks and total prevention of dryness. It has proved effective on slightly sore sunburnt areas – bald head and tops of ears protruding outside caps! – so, very good performance. Knowing that painful skin-cracking down the sides of fingernails after gardening can be avoided with a simple post-work hand rub is a great asset. Softer skin might have been expected to be less robust, but the softening does not appear to have weakened the skin at all. A great product to use and has found a long term resting place by the hand wash sink.”

Trish’s Honey Products, Body Balm

“A formula that was bursting with nothing but goodness. From the first time I applied this balm – which is like aerated butter but better – I smiled. All those body glow products can step aside, this is the real-deal natural alternative. Left limbs glowing! Any hint of dry skin gone, skin tone and suppleness improved out of sight and the chicken-skin on my upper arms had reduced significantly after initial use. Cuticles and nails looking healthy. Totally natural, earthy scent to this balm. Smells as nature intended and as a result it imparts a sense of wellbeing. Loved using this balm on a daily basis.”



Conscious Skincare, Pure Hand and Body Lotion

“My skin felt lovely, squishily soft and very hydrated. It was also smooth to the touch. Skin responded really well to this body lotion especially the tops of my thighs which went from feeling rather bumpy and rough to silky smooth and supple. My skin felt great after using this for a month…it was so much softer and smoother. This is an excellent lotion, the kind of product you would keep returning to as its simple goodness delivers.”


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