Winners, Body Care (Leave On), 2019


Weleda, Skin Food Body Butter

“Fulfils its promise to banish dehydrated skin with ease … my whole body is now a dry-free zone … elbows, knees and heels are transformed … A beautiful formula and a pleasure to use … miraculously sinks in without a trace to produce silky, moisturised skin”

“Absorbs really well considering it’s a rich body butter … Used it on my wedding day and it made me feel confident and uplifted: ‘Wow, your skin feels really soft!’ someone said, which I’m sure was the Skin Food! … Delivered 100% over the month … Applying to my body improved my hands as well, and did not irritate them, as some products do … This is perfect. I’m a new Weleda superfan”

“Skin looked plumper and smooth, with a slight gleam, looked younger and definitely more healthy … perfect for daily use with dry skin … After a month, I have soft smooth skin that I now take for granted … My skin stays soft all day … I love it just the way it is”



Eco By Sonya Driver, Hempitan

“Quite simply amazing … Colour it produces is a real, natural looking tan and it was entirely streak free and so easy to use … softens and moisturises skin, my skin has been left supple. Love everything about this product.”

“I immediately noticed how much healthier, fresher and hydrated my skin looked. Delivered wonderful results … over the month my skin has had a beautiful natural rich dark colour, skintone looks more even and healthier with no dry patches … colour developed beautifully into a rich golden hue that I am very happy with … A tanning product that can easily hold its own against the leaders in the tanning market.”

SENSPA, Uplifting Daily Ritual Body Lotion

“Noticed an improvement from the first time I used this product and this has continued during the month … My shins are no longer dry and flaky, my knees look healthier and the greyness has gone; elbows are smoother, not itching any more … A lovely body lotion that cares for skin”

“Fragrance lingered for several hours, instantly recognisable as hibiscus and lovely essential oils made me feel uplifted … texture is perfect: hydrating but not watery, rich but not too thick … One of its best qualities is it absorbs easily and quickly … Maintains soft skin and hydrates it … a good staple in anyone’s routine.”



Corinne Taylor, Talc Free Body Powder

“Lovely floral fragrance, not overpowering … medium fine texture, very light and silky, clung to body well .. I really didn’t think it would do much apart from drying out my skin but it had the opposite effect and my skin felt very smooth and hydrated … A pleasant surprise. Haven’t used powders in years but this has changed my mind on them.”

MALĀKO Skincare, Fully Charged All-Over Lotion

“Gives your skin an instant cooling and refreshing boost after a workout … skin has improved a lot over the month: An area of flaky skin has completely disappeared, and it feels moisturised and hydrated … Skin has a healthy glow and silky feel to it .. Delivers exceptionally well, a strong performer. Citrus-y, flowery fragrance enhances the revitalising properties”

PHB Ethical Beauty, Hand & Body Moisturiser with Mango & Shea Butter | Scent Free

“Saw an instant and long-lasting effect on my skin … was less dry, irritated and tight, and the appearance was healthier and brighter … My eczema didn’t flare up, I was less itchy, my skin tone was brighter and looked more nourished … Loved the texture, rich without being greasy, and didn’t feel tacky on the skin .. Would buy again”

SENSPA, Sleep Therapy Blissful Moment Body Balm

“Non-greasy, silky body lotion with mild soothing, calming scent … Nourished skin and calmed the mind ready for sleep … Skin felty very hydrated and soft during the month and found I didn’t need to use it every day … Excellent value for money for a delightful product”

The Handmade Soap Company, Grapefruit & May Chang Body Lotion

“One of the nicest body lotions I’ve tried … texture is quite thin, but it is moisturising and spreads easily, absorbs evenly and quickly … Skin texture has been smoother than ever, it’s bright, and has helped the bumpy skin on my other thigh even more than a leading product made for that job, and with uplifting scent this lotion smells better too!”

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