Winners, Body Care (Rinse Off), 2019


Odylique, Coconut Candy Scrub

“Perfect consistency and as soon as water was added it gave a wonderful exfoliation without upsetting sensitive or tender skin … made my dry skin feel less parched … I find some body scrubs too coarse but this glided onto skin and was very easy to massage without dragging … Loved this, and its uplifting scent”

“A miracle body scrub which amazingly does not bring on any reaction whatsoever on my very sensitive skin and dermographism … this nicely and painlessly exfoliates, with no flare-ups … Rinses off perfectly, skin feels cleansed and invigorated”

“Rinsed off well, leaving a smooth sheen to my skin that felt hydrated and cocooned … skin was so clean, smooth, refreshed and nourished … moisturiser went on easily, shaving was smoother and nick-free, small pimples on back diminished and roughness felt soothed … Skin had post-holiday like glow … poppy seeds provided just right amount of exfoliation … just lightly brushing off the dead skin and revealing the new brighter skin”



KINN Living, Body Wash

“Fragrance enhanced my mood, and lasted much of the day on my skin … skin felt beautifully cleansed, with no sense of dryness … skin feels nourished … very gentle … a little goes a long way … a positive experience”

“Was amazed at how moisturising this product was as I usually favour a cream-like texture to my body washes due to severely dry skin, but I didn’t actually need moisturiser afterwards … performed well after waxing, and improved my skin as the month went on … now looks healthy and glowy”

SenSpa, Uplifting Daily Escape Body Wash

“Hibiscus flower and essential oils is the perfect way to start the morning with positive frame of mind … skin felt clean and moisturised and refreshed and it wasn’t drying … lathered well, excellent value for money”

“Left skin cleansed, refreshed, fragrant, smooth … a little goes a long way … rinses easily … improved the texture of my skin during use … Think this is a fabulous, aptly titled product that I would certainly buy again”

Tropic, Jasmine, Neroli and Vetivert Body Wash

“Leaves skin feeling so soft as if you have given your skin moisturisation, and it’s rare to find a shower gel or cream that does this so well … clean scent actually lasts almost all day … creamy wash lathers up quickly and you only need a little … heavenly after the gym”

“Left skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturised with a freshness that was addictive … Was surprised at how effective it was in terms of moisturisation and ability to combat our hard water effect  … the price is right and therapeutic benefits are clear to see and enjoy”



Ayumi, Neem and Tea Tree Body Wash

“Strong tea tree fragrance which I loved … refreshed very well … as the fragrance was so strong I felt it was having a medicated effect on my skin … I suffer sometimes with blemishes and this really helped, and helped with skin tone too … a little went a long way, it was very easy to rinse off, and it left my skin feeling cleansed and ‘treated’ … Was really happy with the results.”

Pevonia, De-Ageing Saltmousse – Papaya and Pineapple

“Skin felt as if it had been given an overhaul, as if the top layer was taken off and the new skin was now ready to glow through … exfoliates, smoothes and is rejuvenating … elbow area less rough and skin just smoother to the touch … invigorating, waking up your skin … felt wonderful and very easy to shower off … 100% delivered on all its promised benefits and can’t wait to use this over the coming weeks before my summer holiday”

Purely Soap, In Shower Moisturiser

“I can’t actually believe how well this worked … Fragrance was lovely and vanilla-y … skin looked absolutely amazing, I couldn’t believe the difference, I’ve truly never known anything like this … skin felt so soft and moisturised … I’d never used this type of product before and am now wondering why … A great all-over moisturiser and there wasn’t the need to have to wait long for it work before rinsing off … a revelation”

The Handmade Soap Company, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint Shower Gel

“Lathered easily and a wonderfully fresh herbal fragrance … cleansed really well, rinsed off easily … my skin felt soft to the touch and clean but not stripped of its natural mantle … was liking taking a shower with rain-infused herbs … delivered the daily benefits of showering with a natural product … describes itself as a ‘calming spring garden breeze’ and I would agree with this … an excellent product”

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