Winners, Body Care (Take Off), 2014

Gold Award


Odylique, Coconut Candy Scrub

“Love the coconutty smell … the poppy seeds are lovely as they are round and not sharp or scratchy, just the right amount of exfoliation” 
“Sweet, edible … cleansed and baby smooth skin” 
“My skin felt hydrated and nourished after use; wasn’t necessary to use a body lotion” 
“Exceeded expectations – a lovely pampering treat” 
“The texture was quite gritty, which I love – I want to feel scrubbed with a scrub – but at the same time, it felt gentle”


Silver Award

Botanicals, Revitalising Body Polish

“It felt lovely, not too oily and the sugar dissolved at just the right speed. It’s a really invigorating scent and it left my skin feeling nourished” 
“Absolutely gorgeous fragrance – the citrus and ginger is a winning combination” 
“Effective and healthy option to improve the appearance and texture of skin”


Bronze Award

Beatitude, Joy Bath Oil

“Gorgeous … I love the idea of a ‘happy’ bath oil” 
“I liked it very much. Zesty, herbal, citrusy – reminded me of summer days.” 
“My skin felt very soft – even bottom of my legs which can be quite dry. I loved the glass bottle which is an unusual shape with a square top to match.”

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