Winners, Face Care (Leave On), 2015


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Gold Award

Pai Skincare, Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream

“My make up glided on over the top of the cream… The product performed really well and did its job brilliantly. My eyes looked brighter because the patches underneath them weren’t as dark… has made my eyes look younger. Has changed my view of eyecreams.”

“Definite reduction in fine lines and dark circles are not as bad as they were … Nice packaging, super-clear labelling of ingredients. It’s got a fan in me!”


Silver Award

Fairfield Gardens, Orange Lip Balm

“I would buy it to carry in my bag during those walks across the moors – it will be invaluable. Love the plumped-up lips. Packaging is simple and effective, great little tube… And the ingredients – rapeseed oil (so good, local stuff and a welcome change from olive oil), oat kernel oil, rosemary and orange oils, simple and so effective.”

“A very efficient lip balm. It delivered moisture and relief from dry lips immediately. I would definitely buy this. I loved it.”

Kinvara Skincare, Rosehip Face Serum

“Promises to leave skin soft, supple, hydrated and nourished and it does that. I do feel that my skin has improved after a month. My skin has looked more refined as the testing period has go on.”

“It is a superb night treatment. It doesn’t rub off on hair and pillowcase and you wake up without dry skin. It is gentle enough to use to moisturise skin with eczema where it immediately reduced redness. My skin loves this serum!”

Neal’s Yard Remedies, Frankincense Intense Cream

“I have dark circles under my eyes and they have certainly improved over the last month which much be a result of using this cream. My fine lines are fading and I have been really impressed with the results. I was amazed at how much better my skin looked after a month of using it.”

“After a month my skin continued to feel well hydrated and plump – dry patches have completely resolved. The product definitely delivered.”

Orico London, Streetwise Coco Spritz

“A pleasure to use. I often used it as a freshen up/spritz throughout the day. A nice product to use in the summer. Full of delicious fragrances including coconut water and papaya and mango… My teenage daughter absolutely loved it.”

“My skin seemed to feel firmer and it’s very calming on the skin, redness wasn’t as obvious. Skin felt smooth and in great condition … loved how it made my skin feel, the ease of use, the smell and I would definitely buy this again.”

Skin Blossom, Age Resist Face Moisturiser

“Neither too light, not too heavy: just right. Product absorbs beautifully – this is one of the reasons I like it so much – readily absorbed with no tell tale residue – fantastic! Make-up applies beautifully – my skin looked better after application – less redness, more dewiness – my skin was softer and more hydrated. Longer term benefits include reduced inflammation and fine lines. Quality effects from a quality product!”

Sukin, Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream

“Effective moisturiser which left my skin glowing and soft. Skin is soft and hydrated, dry skin on neck and decolletage improved since use. Skin looks smoother and glowing.”

“Perfomed exceptionally well on a day-to-day basis, keeping skin hydrated all day long. My skin looked matte and velvety – skin has improved significantly after a month – noticably softer, more hydrated, plumper and fine lines are less obvious. It has evened out my skintone and the dry patches on my chin have disappeared”


Bronze Award

Botanicals Organic Skincare, Nourishing Face Balm

“A great balm … found it most effective when used before bed, as woke up with lovely soft skin. No downsides to this product whatsoever … great for targeting dry spots and those with overly dry skins”

Dr Organic, Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum

“I love this product. Product absorbs within seconds but leaves skin hydrated and supple. Make up sits beautifully over this serum. A miracle worker”

Earthzest Organics, Frankincense Anti-Aging Balm

“Aborbs really well, and quickly. make up sat very well on top – it helped to stop foundation looking patchy over dry skin – felt like it rejuvinated skin with each application. Skin has felt heathier and looked brighter. Really helped with dry patches. Great product”

LJ’s Natural Solutions, OMG Serum

“Soft, hydrated skin that overall looks smooth and even. Fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth seem reduced and my skin feels amazing. I love this product and feel like I am really treating my skin.”

Melvita, Apicosma Soothing Cream

“After a month my skin felt calmer than it had in a long while. It has lost the dry irritation that I had previously suffered with for months. My skin is smooth, soothed and soft. I’ve tried many so called ‘sensitive skin’ moisturisers and this is undoubtedly the best.”

PHB Ethical Beauty, Gentle Moisturiser with Shea Butter and Apricot

“The texture is lovely and feels really nice to apply. Soaks into the skin very easily and quickly which I loved. This is perfect for using under makeup as it provides a perfect smooth and soft base. A really nice daily moisturiser. Really light and performs really well”

Saiya, Niterenu

“Technically it’s a night-time product but used it during the day on occasion and it suited my skin and wasn’t too heavy. A great addition to my routine – it definitely helped my complexion. My skin is smoother, and looks healthier. I can tell in the morning if I forgot to put it on the night before!”

Sukin, Sensitive Calming Night Cream

“Over the month’s trial my skin did look more plump and fine lines faded but the very best thing was that I looked forward to using it as it made my skin much less sensitive and less red. The product did exactly what it said and I would buy it again.”

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