Winners, Face Care (Leave On), 2018


Neal’s Yard Remedies, Wild Rose Beauty Balm

“Skin deeply moisturised when left on skin overnight for an intensive moisture treatment.  Totally honours its promises to help your skin glow with radiance. Almost immediately too! It 100% delivered – perfection in a jar! The best multi-purpose balm I have used. This is a wonder product! Love it.”

“Skin smooth and soft, and looked radiant. Every time I use this product, my skin feels and looks refreshed – the skin around my eyes seems more supple. Have fewer dry patches than before. Quickly went from being a nice treat, to being something I actively looked forward to using several times per week – it’s been a god send!”

“Nourishing, and rich. As a deep moisturiser it is an excellent product.”



APICARE, Manuka Natural Restorative Rich Night Creme

“Has a ‘premium’ fragrance about it … one I would equate with good quality facial care. I like that you don’t need much for it to feel comfortable on skin, and it sat well with other products used on the face in an evening skin care regime. Has helped my skin to settle after winter months. My face and neck feel soft and all traces of psoriasis have gone … Usually after the winter my skin is very dry and irritable but I think I am ready to see a little sun knowing I don’t look so ‘dull’ skinned. It’s a delight to apply and smells divine.”

Holos Skincare, This is More Facial and Eye Serum (Hyaluronic Acid)

“First time I used my skin felt instantly better! It is so refreshing and light, and it gives an immediate feeling of smooth, hydrated skin. Absorbs wonderfully… perfect for the eye area. Kept skin nourished and soft – it became softer and looked healthier. The skin around my eyes looked brighter, had fewer lines and looked less tired. My cheeks looked plumper and soft. My whole face benefitted! Will be stocking up when I run out.”

Kinvara Skincare, Active Rosehip Day Cream

“After first use my skin felt moisturised and calmed. Texture is rich but light, I like it as it does the work of a heavier cream without the heavy feeling. On a day-to-day basis this cream moisturises and leaves my skin ready for make up. It makes my skin look and feel healthy, plumped and supple. My skin is more balanced and softer, with no dryness or breakouts. I have been complimented on my skin recently so think that the anti-aging benefits must be working! Fulfils its promises. A beautiful cream.”



Éminence Organic Skincare, Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment

“Gorgeous soft gel-like texture with little beads which melt on the face … absolutely loved this product. Skin felt much brighter when I woke up. Performed amazingly every night. My face looked more refreshed and glowy … my husband has made positive comments about my skin over the last month – he has never done that before! – and I think it is the perfect night treatment, it is a pleasure to use and really made a difference from the first use.”

Kinvara Skincare, Hyaluronic Youth Boost

“My skin felt immediately tighter and had a sheen to it. Definitely hydrated too. It brightened my skin and it looked smoother. Amazing, I absolutely loved it. My skin feels fresh and hydrated, less puffy and smoother, little lines are blurred and blemishes seem to heal faster. 100% delivered, I have used the whole tube and am about to buy another.” 

Lavera, Hydro Effect Serum

“Absorbs completely into the skin, does not look shiny and is really nice as a light mosituriser leaving my skin softer and not causing any problem with sensitive skin issues (acne and eczema). Over the month my skin felt much improved, both in terms of being softer and a bit smoother and having fewer breakouts. An exceptional serum – soothing, protective and nurturing.”

Odylique, Calming Rose Super Tonic

“Has given my skin an additonal level of hydration and softness meaning application of other products has been a lot easier. Improvements in skin quality and my skin has felt more refreshed, hydrated and softer. The rose water has reduced any redness and calmed my skin. I feel that I have a natural soft glow after use of this product. Really didn’t expect it to moisturise my skin so well. It has a lovely ability to freshen and tighten the skin whilst also acting really well as a moisturiser.”

Pure & Light Organic Skincare, Essential Face Cream

“A light textured cream with a lovely aroma … a very good make-up primer too. It states on the label that it is balancing and it definitely brought my skin back into line over the course of using it. The hormonal spots on my chin gradually disappeared and my skin felt so soft and plump. My skin just felt happy and I stopped worrying about it. I experienced only positives. It made my skin feel hydrated, nourished and balanced – with glowing health.”


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