Winners, Face Care (Leave On), 2019


Kinvara Skincare, Active Rosehip Day Cream

“A fantastic cream and its mattifying effect is splendid .. Has given me a radiant glow without dewy and oily texture making it perfect before applying make-up … tone and texture of my skin is vastly improved … has become my go-to day cream”

“A satiny smooth cream which feels gorgeous as it glides on … Skin feels fantastic, there are no dry patches and it seems more balanced, have noticed improvement in my pores, definite difference in the areas around my lips and I think the smoothness of my skin makes it appear more youthful … a luxurious cream, Kinvara have created a masterpiece”

“Absorbed quickly … was worried the thick cream would make skin break out but didn’t experience this at all … a very good moisturiser that encourages healthy hydrated skin after a month … it’s a continuous improvement, absolutely brilliant product”

Laponie of Scandinavia, Face Cream

“Light, soft aroma, distinctly woody … Light and creamy but performs as a nourishing balm … very hydrating, a little goes a long way, excellent at leaving skin hydrated, nourished and noticeably smoother after use … so pleased each day to get a chance to use more of this product … really liked the metal tube, ideal for travel.”

“Make-up works brilliantly with this product and lasts longer too … It’s a real game-changer, no dry areas so caking is limited too .. Worked brilliantly day-to-day: if I needed more hydration, I could use more cream or add an oil to the cream … Very versatile, which I love … Fine lines less noticeable … love how simple it is … brilliantly effective”

“Left my face feeling firm … skin benefited from great hydration … nourished and left skin soft … Would certainly buy for the firming feature of this cream which even more expensive products struggle to get right … minimal packaging, all of which can be recycled … Really enjoyed it”



NISKAMA skincare, Nutrient Boost Daily Moisturizer

“Surpassed my expectations as a moisturiser … skin is smoother and dewy … usually products for day and night either leave my face too greasy during the day or aren’t moisturising enough at night, but this worked perfectly day and night … will be ordering again .. a true find”

“My skin was red, blotchy and agitated when I began using this but after a month it had calmed down beautifully … cheeks have become even, soft, smoothed … Dry skin has just vanished … worked on all my areas of concern … no problems applying make-up on top … Skin became resilient and plump, and I stopped worrying about it … a heavenly cream”

Tropic, Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate

“Really looked forward to using this each day … a real ‘TLC’ moisturiser that calms, balances and brings back a healthy glow … like a green smoothie for the complexion … having battled with hormonal, stressed, dehydrated skin, Skin Feast has turned it around … it’s balanced, bouncing and glowing and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Absolutely love the texture … a light gel-cream which sinks into skin without being too greasy or heavy … has a calming and uplifting scent … excellent base for make-up … I have sensitive skin and this felt calming … Usually use facial oil under moisturiser but didn’t feel the need to with this … gorgeous natural product with a multitude of skin-living ingredients”



ALBIVA, ECM Advanced Repair Lift & Firm Moisturiser

“Night to night my skin was nurtured and nourished … Truly packed with ingredients that bring results of firmness, hydration and leave you feeling radiant in the morning … fine lines improved and wrinkles were less visible … my skin felt so comfortable … the best product I tested of all”

Ayumi, Turmeric & Bergamot Face Cream

“Calming fragrance, with papaya undertones, beautiful lemongrass … works incredibly well to hydrate and leave my skin with a healthy radiant glow … skin softer after a month’s use … has been a brilliant discovery … wonderful ingredients and a stunning face cream at an incredible price”

Nairian, Nairian Night serum

“Every morning I woke up with skin looking plump and calm … after a month, skin looks healthy, no dry areas, tiny lines look softer … This serum is a little star … It is gentle and unassuming and such a joy to use from the first breath of the light, slightly fruity fragrance to the result the following morning”

Planted, Nutrient Rich Face Cream

“Absorbed into my skin quickly, leaving it looking glowy, without any stickiness … performed excellently, light but moisturising and the effects last all day … seemed to minimise fine lines – including around my eyes – and made skin look bright and healthy … It rocks!”

Pure & Light Organic Skincare, Essential Face Cream

“Loved it from the moment I first smoothed it on .. Skin looked plump and smooth with a slight glow … astonishing how quickly the cream absorbs … a wonderful make-up base … delivers the same high standard day after day … Skin is firmer and it glows with health … one of the best creams I’ve ever used”

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