Winners, Face Care (Rinse Off), 2019


Casa Mencarelli, Crema di Pomodoro – Nourishing Tomato Night Cream & Cleanser

“There wasn’t anything that it couldn’t remove, including eye make up and lip stains … heaven to use, leaves skin soft, hydrated and moisturised … Sometimes I have breakouts from balm cleansers but not this … after cleansing, you can see how smooth skin is … One of those products which surprises you: I loved it, absolutely loved it … I will probably change to this permanently for my cleansing routine”

“Rich buttery balm that melted quickly … worked on all make-up, including waterproof mascara … My skin loved this, it really helped soothe it after a reaction to an other product … friends have told me how ‘well’ I look, as I often look pale and tired due to chronic health issues, but my skin has glowed recently, thanks to this cleanser and an oil I tested … I cannot imagine how this product could be improved, fantastic and effective … the best cleansing balm I’ve ever used … it’s fabulous”

“Melted away make-up with the added benefit of adding moisture … My skin instantly felt more supple and hydrated … has improved the tone and appearance of my skin … a brand I will definitely be including in my skincare regime in future and telling others about it too”



Frances Prescott, TRI-BALM

“Was sceptical about this balm in a stick form and its ability to remove make-up but it really does work brilliantly, cutting through and removing all make-up traces including waterproof eye make-up and stubborn lip stains … skin not only thoroughly cleansed but moisturised too, leaving it soft and supple … a complete multi-tasking genius that takes time and effort out of the skincare regime while still producing results … love it”

“Particularly good at removing mascara and eyeliner …  After a month, skin looked clearer, felt smoother and more hydrated … have never tried a 3-in-1 cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser before so was skeptical, but it exceeded my expectations, and was surprised at how soft and smooth my skin felt, and how it glowed”

Planted, Oil Cleanser with Black Cumin and Raw Honey

“Rich, felt so luxurious on my skin … like the way it cleanses thoroughly without drying skin out … Promises brighter complexion and does deliver … Was a pleasure using it, was a bit apprehensive it might be too sticky but it isn’t … It’s easy to rinse off using muslin cloth or with water … Felt I was using something of a real treat”

“When massaged in with a little warm water it developed into a lovely light creamy wash .. thick oily consistency just right, working into face easily without dragging … very effective in removing all make-up, which glided off without excessively rubbing … Skin felt very clean but not stripped of oils, felt kind to skin, which wasn’t tight or dry”

Tropic, Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier + Bamboo Face Cloth

“Rich thick white cream which removed all my make-up, including mascara … was very effective: my skin was squeaky clean and I didn’t notice any dryness … Reduction in clogged pores around my nose and much smoother glowing skin … absolutely delivered and would definitely buy it again … ingredients in both Latin and English were welcome”

“Scent was very fresh, a little zingy and citrus-y … removed my make-up quickly and easily, with no traces left … skin felt very cleansed and moisturised, and not dry at all … skin on face and neck felt smoother, softer, cleaner … did what it was supposed to do, and it really delivered … Labelling and ingredient list all good and clear, packaging design was fresh … good value for money”



Bee Good, Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser

“Thick rich cream, the perfect texture for a night-time cleanse … Whisks away all make-up, dirt and dead skin cells … Leaves skin baby soft, texture much improved: all the lumps and bumps under my skin have now disappeared and skin now looks refined … A fab cleanser … I didn’t realise how under-cleansed my skin was until I started using this product and the gentle exfoliation of the muslin also helped”

Enphasis, Regenerating Firming Mask

“Was astonished that a gentle mask could make such a big difference … Feels cool and comfortable on skin, not tight … My skin glowed, it was plump and fresh looking with no redness … After moisturiser and make-up I was thrilled with the result … I loved the gentle ritual of using this mask and my skin loved the pampering too. My skin is plump and glowing with health and looks and feels as if it has had a health spa holiday of fruit and vitamins.” 

Gaia Skincare, Cleansing Balm

“Did a perfect job in removing both my foundation and my eye make-up which came off with ease … Skin felt amazing afterwards, so much so that on a few occasions I didn’t moisturise to see how skin would fair overnight, and it looked and felt healthy and moisturised in the morning … really believed helped the overall condition of my skin … provided intense cleansing with moisturisation … skin clear, blemish free, no dry patches … a spa treatment in a tub”

Living Nature, Charcoal Clay Mask

“Easy to apply with fingers … doesn’t stick like glue as some masks do … after removal skin felt clean, a little tingly … the following morning I was really happy with condition of my skin, which felt calmer, smoother, as if it had been lifted … loved the way you could feel it working on pores and how skin felt revitalised and alive … brings blemishes to surface and extracts impurities … calms and reduces problem skin … definitely delivers results”

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