Winners, Face Care (Wash Off), 2018


Harborist, Balm-gel cleanser

 “My skin has never felt cleaner … took off my tinted moisturiser and bronzer really well, not leaving a trace of make up on the skin. No dryness. Skin was clearer, fewer pimples, pores were smaller, no redness ar all, better tone and brighter looking. Will be ordering very soon. Such a great cleanser for sensitive skin. Instructions were clear and simple and I also loved that there was no fragrance.”

“The unique balm-gel texture meant that it was incredibly easy to use. The pump dispenser dispensed the perfect amount of product, and it glided onto my skin and spread effortlessly. Was effective on mineral founation, blusher, pressed eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and lipstick. As well as significantly reducing blackheads and blocked pores, I also noticed that the hormonal breakout I get on my chin was much less severe. My complexion looks much more even.”



Aura Organics, Mango and Orange Skin Brightening Oil Cleanser

“The scent is divine – subtle, clean, delicate: highly appealing and a pleasure to use. Removed all traces of make-up. My skin felt cleansed, soft and rejuvenated after use – with a sense of having been conditioned and moisturised.  This is an improvement on traditional cleansers which may result in clean skin but do not leave a sense of rejuvenation post use. My skin looked and felt better at the end of the month – plumper and less stressed.  Fine lines were improved and the pores on my nose were smaller. Consistently good results.”

Lyonsleaf, Beauty Balm

“Very easy to use – so pleasant rubbing it into my skin, it felt so good I found myself taking longer than usual in the bathroom! I loved the way my face felt after using it – clean and fresh but moisturised. Can’t rave enough about this balm. Skin feels soft, blackheads and spots have dramatically reduced in number and severity, my rosacea is definitely more calm. I am very happy. I love everything about it.”

Rawganic, Pure Hydrating Facial Wipes with Pomegranate and Aloe Vera

“Perfect on my skin – did not drag at all. Excellent at taking light make up off very quickly – lipstick, blusher and eyeliner – only one sheet needed. Fantastic refreshing wipe when used on a  hot day. Skin felt well cleansed and lightly moisturised. Very pleased that they are bio-degradable. The product is excellent and does not need any improvement. Very impressed at the ease of removing waterproof mascara without any fuss.  Lovely light fragrance that made you feel clean but not overwhelmed.”



Blumáin Organic Skincare, Geranium & Orange Cleansing Oil

“I have had quite dry skin on my cheeks – but with this I found skin on my cheeks was not dry and felt soothed. I was really impressed. People keep telling me I look well which I am putting down to this cleanser. Overall skin looks fresher and healthier. I always hesitate to give a 10 but when you find a product and you can’t think of a way to make it better and want to order another one immediately –  it has to get 10. A real priviledge to test.”

Gerlinde Naturals, Cleansing Cream

“Beautiful consistency: has a rich, soft texture with a heavenly subtle citrus aroma.  I loved both the innate luxury and fragrant evidence of natural ingredients. I love the way my skin feels after using this product: clean, fresh and hydrated. Has softened my skin and I felt it was gentler than the usual cleanser I use. Adored this product – absolutely loved the little wash cloth too.”

Holos Skincare, This is More Multi-use Plant Oil (Cleansing, Makeup removal and MORE)

“I was amazed, this product really did shift my makeup! Was effective on all types … left my skin soft and moisturised, it was really good at leaving my skin feeling good and not tight or dry at all. My skin has a tendeancy to dry out quickly, but this was really good for it. I’ve always steered towards the targeted products and thought they’d be more effective. This oil is brilliant and has changed my view on such things, it is one of the best and more pleasant cleansers I’ve ever used.”

Kinvara Skincare, Absolute Cleansing Oil

“An absolute dream to take off make up with this. Comes off so easily, with no traces left at all when you double cleanse. Nothing seems to faze it, it’s a great product. No dryness – quite the opposite. It’s almost like you have applied a moisturiser as well as a cleanser. Skin feels really soft and hydrated after using – lovely product. My skin is much brighter straight after cleansing, and really soft.  Redness is reduced, and it’s one of those rare products that actually makes you want to cleanse just to use it.”


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