Winners, Family Skincare, 2013

Gold Award
NYR Mother's Balm
Neal’s Yard Remedies , Mothers Balm

“Very easily absorbed … hard balm texture which softened when rubbed between palms of hands. Skin felt nourished and smoother, with less dryness” “A substantial pot, well worth the price, and my favourite of all those tested.” “The skin on my arms is usually very spotty and dry and the Balm reduced this remarkably.” 
“Beautiful royal blue packaging – a very gentle product which I would definitely purchase and delivered on its promises.”

Silver Award

Green People Mum and Baby Rescue Balm

“Beautiful texture – balm melted into the skin.” 
“Great improvement in my daughter’s skin – no more dry patches or angry red skin.” 
“Really like that this is vegan … another fantastic product from this brilliant brand.” 
“Such a fab all-round product to throw into the bottom of the buggy … wish I’d had it in the first weeks of breastfeeding as I’d prefer this on sore nipples over other products.”

Bronze Award

Bentley Organic Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer

“Easy to use, clear instructions and no-nonsense labelling.” 
“Refreshing to have a sanitzer that’s a foam rather than an astringent gel.” “Perhaps a fragrance that I can identify with would be a welcome addition.” 

Inner Soul Organics Mum’s Special Breast Soothing Oil

“Skin felt soft and comforted but not greasy … tender skin felt calmed and softened … Label is a bit hard to read” 
“Nice to have a product that can be used over the breast area and not worry about it interfering with nursing.”

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