Winners, Family Skincare, 2016

Sponsored by NATorigin

Gold Award


Shea Innocence, Mandarin Body Butter – Little Ones

“Day to day it helped moisturise my daughter’s skin very well and helped inprove the dryness she suffers from. She now has very soft, moisturised, supple skin. She used to have a tendancy to scratch and hasn’t done so since we have been using this. Has really helped.”

“My daughter could put this on herself which she really enjoyed! Cooling and soothing for skin … a great choice for toddlers who like to ‘help’ and for breastfeeding mums who want a natural but yummy smelling butter.” 


Silver Award

Bamford, Nurture Balm

“My son asked for “Mum’s Magic Cream” whenever he needed it for his lips! I couldn’t be without it now.”

“Both daughters loved the feeling of the balm, helped with cold sores, my teenager’s dry skin, … it helped the whole family.” 

Chuckling Goat, Sensitive Kefir Cleanser

“My son’s eczema was really improved with this. I wouldn’t normally dream of using a ‘soap’ product on this skin but the gentleness of this was impressive and had good results quickly.”

“Cleansed very well – it had a lovely soft lather which made our skin feel clean and very moisturised. Definitely moisturising – it has been great for all the family.”

The Jojoba Company, 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

“I would buy this as a leg oil, or after shaving oil, and it had a thick texture which kept my legs hydrated all day … also used it on dry patches of skin on my back and I noticed I didn’t have breakouts which was great. I loved it.”

“We used it a lot. Helps reduce rashes, soothe irritation and stop the urge to scratch. My children now ask for it whenever they have a minor irritation or come in from the garden with their latest scratch or sting.”


Bronze Award

Little Butterfly London, Love Eternal – Baby Massage Oil

“The oil absorbed very well and didn’t leave a greasy residue which was important for me as I used this product on my baby’s skin before bedtime. It instantly improved her skin condition and after a month long use her skin is much softer and smoother. Love using it as part of her bed-time routine.”

Pinwheel Balms, Base Balm

“Easy, mess free balm in a handy giant lipbalm-type dispenser. Brilliant, anywhere, anyuse balm suitable for all the family. Very handy to have in the nappy bag daily … has helped soothe and protect chapped and sore noses, lips and chins. Texture is that of a good high quality creamy balm.”

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