Winners, Fresh and Fragrant, 2015

Gold Award


Bentley Organic, Gentle Feminine Wash

“A must-have for all women, as we shouldn’t use normal washes in that area. I use it every morning in the shower, and only a small amount is needed. It foams up, the scent is subtle and it is non irritating and will not affect the pH balance of your intimate area. You will be left feeling fresh and comfortable all day – excellent and very gentle for sensitive areas.”

“Noticed a difference after a few days’ usage and the product continued to deliver effectivness for the whole testing period. I went away for two nights and forgot to take it with me – I noticed an change in just 48 hours and wanted to get back to using the product – enjoyed using it and it delivered results.”


Silver Award

Organyc, Intimate Wash

“‘You had me at chamomile!’ – I love the fragrance of chamomile which I always find so soothing. This product smells lovely without being overpowering. The product lathered well without being too ‘soapy’ and caused no irritantion whatsoever. It is very gentle and I ended up using it on other parts of my body which were irritated by eczema – leaves you feeling fresh and clean without any dryness or irritation .. 100% delivers its promise and I would have no hesitation in purchasing this product again. Really super.”

Salt of the Earth, Pura Aura

“I had previously thought that natural deodorants would not be for me as in the past I have needed a high performance anti-perspirant – but this really does work. I was amazed how well it did the job of keeping me fresh and dry. I did not perspire excessively and did not experience any embarrassment of sweat stains or dampness. My skin under my arms felt really soft for the first time in years – has restored my skin and it is now much smoother and softer. I am a complete convert.” 


Bronze Award

001 Skincare, Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner

“Disappeared into my skin within seconds leaving my moisturiser to sink in as usual. I was concerned that using this product may dry out my skin, but in fact the opposite occurred. I felt it prepped my skin for moisturiser and I’m now a fully fledged covert to toner!” 

Native Unearthed, Crystal deodorant

“Dries suprisingly quickly. It was very effective. At no point did I feel ‘wet’ under the arms – it worked all month, the skin under my arms is soft and smooth. Did exactly the same job as my old deoderant without damaging my clothes. This stick will last for months so is very economical, it is better for my health, my clothes and the environment. I just loved it as it is.” 

Riad of Aromas, Neroli & Rose Maroc Hydrating Bio Mist Toner

“Fantastic if you are on the go and need a quick refresh! My skin felt soft, hydrated and the spray provided a cooling effect on my skin – skin looked dewy and hydrated and generally a lot healthier. As a sufferer of dry skin this was a miracle product for me. The mist toner done exactly what it says on the box.”

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