Winners, Fresh and Fragrant, 2016

Gold Award


001 Skincare, Rosa Damascena Essence Mist

“My skin felt amazing, so calm and refreshed, I can only describe it as a feeling of wellbeing … my unhappy skin was soothed and beautifully hydrated.”

“Skin was immediately calmed so irritation was almost instantly taken away, any redness and tightness was relieved for a soft cushioned feeling … bliss! I am delighted with this product as a skin pick-me-up – also stops make up looking cakey during the day. The aroma is like walking into a rose garden. I call it my skin saviour.”


Silver Award

Salt of the Earth, Natural Deodorant Spray

“This product worked very well … lasted all day and through busy work shifts. Was very surprised at how well this performed, and it continues to work well. No irritation, which I am prone to. Exceptionally impressed.”

“My boyfriend, a serious gym user, said it performed really well under exercise. The ultimate aim of a deodorant is to conceal unpleasant body odours and in our case this succeeded.”


Bronze Award

Bathing Beauty, And Personal Ladies Shave Oil

“The texture was great – reasonably thick with a nice fragrance. The fragrance reminded me of massage oils so was very relaxing when showering. It worked beautifully by itself and with my usual razor.”

“I loved this product – mostly because after showering, my skin felt lovely and silky from the oil rather than dry and stripped of moisture. Wasn’t even aware that this kind of thing was on the market!”

The Yes Yes Company Ltd, Yes Cleanse

“My skin felt clean, fresh and soothed with no residue left after rinsing. The product delivered. It was extremely gentle and non-irritating and I felt clean and fresh after using it and it was very hydrating and gently moisturising to the delicate skin. I have never seen the point of intimate wash products before now, but this product has converted me.”

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