Winners, Fresh and Fragrant, 2018

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Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Botanical Cream Deodorant

“Has a very thick consistency, so you only need to use a small amount and it spreads very well. It has a light citrus smell, which is very pleasant, refreshing and uplifting. This is a cream deoderant, so it didn’t really dry but remained smooth on your skin, was not sticky and you could wear clothes straight away after applying it. It kept me deodorised and fresh during the day. Skin felt softer and smoother. I was initially skeptical as to whether this product would work. How wrong I was. A premium product.”

“I was completely won over … much less harsh than some other natural deodorants.  My underarms are more moisturised than normal. Would be a great holiday deodorant. I really liked the scent and I liked the packaging and it was effective. Really liked the idea that I was using natural ingredients in such an important area.”

“Magical! The fragrance is refreshing and almost medical (which I really like). Very satisfied. Kept working all day! I was surprised at how well it worked. It really worked during exercise and even felt better than my usual brand. I like using it after shaving as it feels nicer and stings less. My armpit feels softer now.”



Living Naturally, Fragrance Free Deodorant

“The product had no scent other than that of the ingredients – the main scent was shea butter, which is pleasant and nutty. Kept me deodorised, all day, for up to 48 hours – even after gardening.  I definitely noticed that there was less sweat than with other products I’ve used. My skin felt softer. This is a vast improvement on the other natural deodorants I’ve used or made myself. This is now a firm favourite and I will make sure I always have this on my bathroom shelf from now on.”

“Dried quickly. I was very unsure about this product before I tried it, I do a lot of cycling and was really concerned that my armpits would smell by the end of the day if I didn’t use my normal deodorant. I was impressed at how effective it was and found my armpits didn’t smell as awful as I was expecting after a 20 or 30 mile bike ride! You only needed a small amount and the pot will last for ages so I will be buying it again.”



Rosalena Skincare, Goodness & Tonic Face Mist

“Makes the skin feel invigorated as soon as it is applied and was brilliant post workout to refresh hot skin. It had a very cooling effect and made my skin feel hydrated. Really came into its own when my skin felt hot and I imagine it would be brilliant in sunnier climes to help you keep cool without having a drying effect. Beautiful floral fragrance.”

Taylor’s 32 Ltd, Natural Whitening Toothpaste in Fennel & Mint

“I loved it compared to my usual brand, it was a lot less sharp than the normal high street products … I loved the flavour (I’m a big fan of fennel). The consistency was really nice too, not too pasty or gritty, just a smooth paste. Felt like my teeth were cleansed … kept my mouth feeling fresh. Delivered.”

Mount Purious Organic Skincare, Rosewater Facial Toner

“My skin felt both hydrated and refreshed after using. The product seemed to add luminosity to my skintone. Performed very well. My moisturiser sank in easily with it. My skin felt more toned after using the product for a month. Delivered and I would definitely buy it and use it again.”


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