Winners, Hair Care, 2015

Gold Award

Not given this year, as the judges did not feel that any of the entered products really quite merited a Gold award.


Silver Award

Saaf, Enriching Hair Oil

“I liked the labelling and packaging, it was very easy to use, and results are pretty quick. My hair definitely felt in better condition after using it, and my scalp felt better moisturised. The ingredients are simple and lovely, and a little went a long way – good value.”

“The fragrance was beautiful and lingered on the hair like a perfume. It was a nice, light oil and I didn’t feel it weighed my hair down when applied to the ends. I’m pleased with how the oil appears to have improved the condition of my hair.” 


Bronze Award

Ayumi, Repair Hair Oil

“The condition of my hair after just four treatments/uses has improved as my hair feels and looks a lot healthier. My hair is soft and shiny looking and is not as dry due to damage from hair straigteners or from dyes. My dandruff has also almost disappeared which is great and my scalp has felt alot more healthier, conditioned and soothed.”

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