Winners, Hair Care, 2018

Sponsored by Formula Botanica 



Beauty Kubes, Organic Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

“Easy to follow instructions, easy to use product. Scalp not itchy, hair clean and felt soft and not frizzy. Very impressed. Scalp doesn’t feel tight, dry or itchy. Was also able to remove the psoriasis gel I sometimes have to leave on my scalp overnight, which can be quiet greasy and sticks to hair, but after using a couple of cubes it was gone. Delivered as promised and much more. Love this and will be buying again and recommending to anyone who will listen.”

“Hair and scalp felt great after the first use. Left my hair feeling gorgeously shiny, soft and looking full. If it had been labelled as a shampoo for volume rather than normal/dry hair I would not have questioned it. Very quick and easy to rinse out. No residue. Was excellent every time I used it. Delivered far more than I expected.”



Antonin .B, Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum

“The texture is just right – not too rich and not too light. Hair is continually nourished after each use of this hair oil, giving it shine and keeping frizziness to the minimum.”

“A vast improvement in the strength, suppleness and shine to my hair. It really did rejuvenate my over-processed colour treated hair – even my hairdresser asked what I had been using. I regularly use an oil in my hair but this was even better than my usual product. It’s so versatile you can use it on damp hair or as a final finishing step too. I will be buying and using this again. Like a daily multi-vitamin for my locks.”

Bowe Organics, Lash Oil

“I’m really nicely surprised – my fine, straight, short lashes have very slightly improved! They now look a little thicker, very slightly longer and in much better condition. It delivered more than my expectations. It worked! I would buy it. It’s perfect as it is.”

“My lashes and brows felt instantly much softer and healthier. I couldn’t see that my lashes looked notably longer but the condition definitely improved and this made it easier to apply mascara.” 



Chirp Body, Softnest Hair Mask 

“My hair felt extremely soft and in good condition. My scalp felt very nourished. The product worked very well at moisturising my bleached hair and dry scalp. A month on, my hair is in much better condition. This is a lovely product, well packaged and fantastic ingredients!”


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