Winners, Hand, Nail and Foot Care, 2014

Gold Award

Eliirs fo life

Elixirs of Life, Gardeners Life Hand Cream

“Hands to seem to stay softer for longer than with most other handcreams but without leaving a sticky residue” 
“A ‘deeply nourishing and smoothing barrier cream’ is just what you want before or after gardening which can be rough on the hands even when wearing gloves” 
“After three days, my hands were visibly more moisturised, softer and the rough patches on my fingertips have improved considerably. Skin is silken for the first time in years. I would pay double the asking price, but don’t tell the makers in case there is a price hike!”


Silver Award

Botanicals, Foot Softening Balm

“The skin on my feet just got better and better: loved that you only needed the tiniest amount” 
“Minty and incredibly refreshing – clear labelling, beautiful packaging and the dark glass jar protects the product from exposure to sunlight” 
“A nourishing natural balm to seriously soften hard, dry skin, and nurture over-worked feet. Naturally antibacterial”

MuLondon, Organic White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

“I’m a sucker for cocoa butter but this is a cut above, managing to be both soothing and sophisticated. Quite frankly, I’d happily use it all over. I think this is hands-down one of my favourite smelling products ever” 
“Feet gorgeously silky in the morning” 
“Hard skin massively improved”


Bronze Award

Bakewell Soap, Foot Soother

“Lovely and buttery, straight away feet felt pampered and soft, soothing and destressing – gently minty not too overpowering like some foot creams” 
“Would like it in a much larger pot, but good value for money” 
“Skin is softer and the condition of my heels has improved – I would buy it again”

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