Winners, Hand, Nail and Foot Care, 2017

Gold Award


Bloom Remedies, Peppermint & Lemongrass Footbalm

“My feet felt beautifully moisturised. Loved, loved, loved this scent. I couldn’t wait to use it every day – I loved it so much I applied it morning and night. It feels as though you are giving your feet a real treat. Skin is much smoother. It really does seem less cracked after a month. IT DELIVERED! I will definitely buy again. It’s a wonder product.”

“Feet looked healthier, not as dry or cracked and left me feeling more confident about them, even so much that I might even let them have an outing in sandals! Contains anti-fungal essential oils and it actually improved not just the condition of my nails, but also reduced the yellow staining on them. Has made me think of the care of my feet more often.”


Silver Award

Brooke & Shoals Fragrances, Grapefruit and Geranium Natural Hand Cream

“This is an excellent hand cream which benefits skin enormously and also adds luxury with the beautiful fragrance and smooth texture. The skin on my hands felt much smoother and after the month I found I didn’t even need to use the hand cream every day.”

“My hands just feel so soft after using this hand cream and they stay soft throughout the day. A beautiful product.”

Fresh Therapies, Natural Nail Polish Remover Sachet Wipes

“Very easy to use, just take out of the sachet and wipe. They removed the polish very easily, just a few rubs and it was gone. Didn’t need to rub hard either, very effective process. Nails looked shiny. Had to wipe the excess oil off but nails didn’t feel dry, looked healthy. Perfect for travel.”

“I was surprised that one small wipe was able to take the nail varnish off of both hands, but it managed it with no problem, and I didn’t feel that I needed to rub too hard either. My nails were much less dry after using the wipes than they are when I’ve used my usual remover. They were left looking shiny and healthy.”


Bronze Award

Marble Hill, PediSalveTM

“My skin improved significantly after a month of use. My feet are much softer, smoother and patches of hard, cracked skin on my soles and toe joints have improved in appearance and texture and are not sore any more. My nail beds look much less ragged and are no longer dry and peeling. Deeply moisturising with a long-lasting effect, and my skin continues to improve in appearance and condition with each use.”

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