Winners, Hard Soaps, 2014

Gold Award

Blend Collective, Unwinding Soap Bar

Blend Collective“Has lost none of its shape and fragrance” 
“Lovely fragrance which lasted on skin for hours and hours … cleaned my skin brilliantly and left it lovely and smooth. It did a really good job of moisturising” 
“The packaging is simple and stylish and clearly labelled” 
“Very good lather achieved and easy to spread over the body. Felt very refreshed and cleansed” 
“I’ve never known soap to smell so lovely and moisturise so well … Who would pay £12 for a soap? Well, the answer is now – me!” 


Silver Award

All Natural Soap Co, Coco Castile Soap Bar

“A lovely buttery scent, very natural, more oily than soapy, left a nice level of moisture on my hands. It is mild and creamy … Lovely packaging and very clear labelling” 
“Extremely gentle on my sensitive, dry skin, but cleansed effectively even after I had been gardening or cooking”

Bentley Organic, Calming & Moisturising Bar Soap

“Held its shape –  after a month’s use in the shower, it looks like I got it out of the packet yesterday! No cracking or breaking and no loss of fragrance … moisturising and the lavendar is calming” 
“A huge bar of soap … excellent value for money” 
“I’ll definitely buy it again. Exceeded expectations – mainly on the lather and lasting scent”

Ruth Romano, Handcrafted Natural Lavender Soap Bar

“Surprised at how well it kept its shape and lathered” 
“I loved this soap – I am converted back from liquid soap because of it” 
“Struck a great balance between making your hands feel clean and not stripping them of natural oils” 
“A revelation! This soap was so lovely and softening on my skin”


Bronze Award

All Natural Soap Co, Oatmeal Soother Bar Soap

“Mild milky fragrance, very clean smelling and neutral. It didn’t have much lather, but was very creamy, cleansing and exfoliating” 
“Gentle to skin and soothing” 
“Excellent value for money – a luxury soap for a great price” 
“I found this by far the most all-round lovely and eczema friendly soap I’ve used”

Madara, Birch and Algae Balancing Face Soap

“I avoid using facial soap on my dry sensitive skin but this was fabulous and did not dry out my face at all. Would recommend it as a second cleanse after an oil cleanser and also as a morning freshen up” 
“Fragrance of the north, lathered well, absolutely delicious” 
“I would buy it. I don’t normally use soaps for facial cleansing so this was a nice surprise.”

Spiezia Organics, Lemongrass and Marigold Soap

“Very good on sensitive skin” 
“Smelt lovely and uplifting and left a very light, natural fragrance, lathered up very well, cleansed extremely well. Left skin feeling soft and cleansed, not ‘stripped’” 
“Love the packaging in a box, would make a lovely gift” 
“Could not wait to use it”

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