Winners, Hard Soaps, 2015

Gold Award

All Natural Soap Co, Gentle Goat’s Milk Soap

Hard Soap

“Totally delivered – perfect for holidays when you may not want to take a seperate facewash as this worked well on my face and was not at all drying. I will definitely be buying this again.”

“Left my skin feeling very clean with no unwanted residue. It did a really good job of helping to moisturise dry patches of skin. I saw an improvement over the course of the month.”

“Bar remained solid throughout use – I am impressed at the quality, longevity and size of the bar.”

“Nice fragrance, gentle on the skin, even calming when I had an allergic reaction to other products.”


Silver Award

All Natural Soap Co, Castile Olive Oil Soap

“It cleansed well without drying my skin out… The ingredients really could not be any purer: water, olive oil and glycerin. It really is all natural. I love the simplicity of the soap.”

“I didn’t need to use cream afterwards, which is unusual for me after using a hard soap. My skin felt clean and soft but not dry. I am very happy with an effective hard soap that doesn’t irritate or dry the skin. Love the natural packaging – cardboard box is great.” 

Little Soap Company, Organic Unperfumed English Organic Oatmeal Bar Soap

“Was very impressed, it left my skin clean but not dry or itchy. I would buy it and use it as it was so nice to use … I enjoyed using this as it didn’t irritate my eczema but left me feeling fresh and clean, I did miss a nice perfume, but all in all it seemed better for my skin.”

“Clear labeling and attractive packaging. Good value for money. Lasted well. A pleasing produc.t”

“I did not feel the need to moisturise after using this soap, my skin felt soft and cleansed.”


Bronze Award

Cyril’s Soap Shed, Lemongrass and Chamomile Goats Milk Soap

“Good wholesome soap the whole family could and did use including my two toddlers. They loved the natural bits in the soap and it encouraged them to wash their hands more.”
“My dad has now stolen it and is using it in the shower and he loves it. He has extremely dry skin but says it does not dry him out at all.”

Hope’s Relief, Goats Milk Soap

“Worked well, particularly on my psorasisis-prone knees and elbows. It did moistuirse those areas much better, and there was no itching or flakiness.Gentle enough too to use on my face and did seem to help clear up a few spots and blemishes quickly. The bar is still in its shape, no cracking and still giving out its light fragrance – certainly smells good” 

Little Soap Company, Organic English Lavender & Rosemary Bar Soap

“Felt cleaner using this compared to my usual shower gel … My skin felt cleaner all day too and I felt fresher and not as sticky as usual. It is a good quality product so I would buy it again. I liked the box it came with, it was really natural looking and fitted with the product. It looks like an expensive soap and of good quality, and it did look nice in my bathroom.”

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