Winners, Hard Soaps, 2016

Gold Award

Hard SoapThe Naked Skincare Company, Mint, Rosemary and Spirulina Clay Soap

“My skin felt clean, soft and delicately scented after every use of this delicious soap. It cleaned without over drying and made shaving legs a dream.”

“Lovely soap, made with integrity and good ingredients, totally gorgeous to use and makes my mind and body feel so healthy and uplifted. Every time it did a super job of cleaning the skin, refreshing it but with no stripping of oils or compromising barrier function.”


Silver Award

All Natural Soap Co, Shea Luxury

“Became a household favourite … will become a household staple.”

“Lathered up really well and moved smoothly across the skin. Felt very well cleansed after use in the shower, and moisturised afterwards. Maintained its shape exceptionally well.”

Belfast Soap Company, Lavender and Lemon Soap

“A very delicate but fresh lavender citrus fragrance which I like as it is not too overpowering.  It did leave a subtle fragrance afterwards. Not excessive lather but just enough.”

“My skin felt cleansed and moisturised and not dry at all … some lovely ingredients namely the coconut oil and the castor oil.” 

Living Naturally, Activated Charcoal

“Left my hands very soft and I didn’t need to use a moisturiser as well. I was surprised as some soaps can be quite drying but this did have a nourishing effect.”

“Really gentle. Lathered well, didn’t crack. Kept its subtle fragrance. Loved the packaging, loved that it’s vegan, it could make a cute gift too.”


Bronze Award

Cyril’s Soap Shed, Unfragranced Goats Milk Soap

“Skin felt really clean and fresh … didn’t leave that horrible squeaky feeling that some soaps can. My skin did feel cleansed and moisturised … held its shape and quality.”

“Just kept going and didn’t break … quality of lather didn’t waiver.”


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