Winners, Hard Soaps, 2017

Gold Award

Hard SoapLiving Naturally, Oat Milk & Calendula Soapnut Soap

“It lathers up very well indeed, but not too many bubbles. It is easy to use, the bar fits into my hand well and it cleanses very effectively. It does not dry the skin. I usually use a moisturiser out of habit but I did try not using one and my skin did not feel dry or unusual. This soap bar is incredible.”

“Lathered up perfectly to give hands and body a good and thorough clean. Was actually surprised how well it lathered up as some natural soaps don’t lather well at all. Perfect for everyday use and cleansed excellently. Cleaned hands very well without drying or stripping skin. I am always washing my hands and I didn’t feel I needed to constantly be using hand cream whilst using this. The bar held its shape and didn’t break or crack or lose its fragrance.”


Silver Award

Nature Saponified, Samhradh

“Hands feel good after using: soft and fragranced and no need to moisturise. Soap holds its shape much better than others I have used. Four weeks in and it is only just softening a little now, which I think is excellent. No cracking whatsoever. Fragrance was strong to start with and has lessened to a nice level on the hands. It is a fabulous soap, lovely to use and I will definitely buy it again.”

Organii, Lime Cream Soap

“Lathered up well on bare skin and also on a loufah too. Body felt very cleansed afterwards and not stripped. It was very easy to use and I still have a lot left – it is very economical. My skin felt very cleansed. Bar maintained its shape throughout the whole month, it didn’t crack at all and the fragrance is still as strong as the day I opened it. Ingredients are brilliant and vegan friendly.”


Bronze Award

Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil, Lavender Thyme Rapeseed Oil Soap Bar

“Shape and size of the bar was perfect for the shower and definitely cleansed well.  Really liked the exfoliating particles too – quite gentle. This was perfect for my dry-ish skin – definitely no dry feeling afterwards that can happen with some soaps.  Felt it was kind and gentle and I didn’t really need to use a moisturiser afterwards.”


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