Winners, Hard Soaps, 2018

Sponsored by Bare & Beyond



Ruth Romano, Pure Soap

“Lathered very well, with little effort. Held its shape, and did not crack or break. All of the ingredients are great for dry skin. This is probably one of the best soaps I’ve used.”

“Rich and creamy. Cleansed the skin without stripping any oils and my skin felt clean, soft and supple. My skin felt very moisturised after, the shea butter really seemed to help hold the moisture in my skin and some days I didn’t fell the need to moisturise. The ingredients are simple but hard working, it’s great value for money as the soap bar lasts ages and it’s great for people with allergies as I’ve always found cleaning the skin the hardest struggle.”



Living Naturally, Calendula & Chamomile Soapnut Soap

“Lightly herbal – a lovely soft fragrance. Lather improved with each use. Was impressed with how clean my hands felt … it didn’t irritate my eczema or worsen my chapped skin at all.  Compared to usual (including some natural) soaps, my skin felt much better moisturised. I was impressed with the firm and substantial nature of the soap – held its shape well and is lasting and lasting! Stood up to a month’s testing better than many other natural soaps I’ve tried.” 



Little Soap Company, Rose Geranium Bar Soap

“I love soaps like this … the fragrance takes you away to a more relaxed place. I was really surprised at how much lather this bar of soap made. Just as good as the normal bars of soap I use. I felt clean and the soap was not drying at all. Could not believe how well this soap has kept its shape. Oh yes this did deliver – the company call it their ‘Happy Soap’ and I too agree. When I was washing with it I didn’t want to stop!”

Enchanted Plants Ltd, Rose Geranium Soap Bar

“Lathered really well – very soft and creamy which felt lovely on the skin. Really impressed with how my skin felt after using this. I suppose the old adage of soap drying the skin is still there and this blew that myth completely … skin felt very soft, and didn’t need to apply any body cream afterwards. Loved the way it felt, worked and then how my skin felt. Just a lovely product.”


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