Winners, Hard Soaps, 2019


Lucy Bee, Fragrance Free Natural Soap

“It lathered up so well, the best of any soap I’ve ever tried. It was more like a rich cream than a soap lather … Cleansed the body so well without feeling as if it was stripping skin’s oils … held its shape, did not crack … skin felt hydrated, nourished and clean – a nice bathing experience”

“Gentle coconut fragrance is lovely … lathered superbly and efficiently … hand-friendly shape … cleansed wonderfully, felt as if it was moisturising my skin … a good, generous, strongly performing soap … Imagine safe for virtually anyone to use (unless you have coconut allergy) … I cannot think of any way which this perfect product can be improved.”

“Lovely soap which lathered up very well and was very effective at cleansing hands and body … Surprisingly moisturising, skin didn’t feel tight … no cracking, no discolouration … great value for money and seems to last longer than many of the soaps I’ve tried”



Cyril’s Soap Shed, Rose and Geranium Goats Milk Soap

“The lather is glorious, soft, fluffy, silky … much more sensuous than liquid soap … absolutely perfect fragrance, light, clean and fresh … highly effective cleanser of gardening hands … held up well over the month and am completely converted”

“Very easy to lather up … surprised at the amount of lather and very luxurious … wonderfully cleansing and moisturising, had no need for extra cream … a slight fragrance left on skin but not overpowering … no breaking or cracking and smell still lovely even though I only have a slither left”

Holy Lama Yogi Soap, Yogi Soap

“Fragrance is a mix of floral and fruit … very cleansing smell, leaves subtle aroma … cleansed very efficiently … held its shape and maintained its quality perfectly, fragrance lasted .. amazing lathering ability … not at all drying. My favourite thing is it comes in its own natural soap dish, made of plant material, which is useful and fun”

“Have been using this for a month and have never experienced dryness or tightness … herbal scent lasted … was gentle enough for my delicate skin and dry, flaky patches, even with essential oils … lathers beautifully with lots of lovely foam”

Lucy Bee, Lucy Bee Spearmint Basil & Clove Exfoliating Natural Soap

“Cleansed my hands really well and left them feeling very soft, hydrated and moisturised … The addition of the coconut shell made the soap really effective at exfoliating … Have never known a soap lather as well as this one, was like shaving foam!”

“Delicious spearmint, just what I need in my morning shower … lathered efficiently .. refreshing to use, the exfoliating particles are just right, and work well … cleansed perfectly … totally delivered … held its shape and quality until it was all gone”



Cyril’s Soap Shed, Cedarwood and Rosemary Goats Milk Soap

“My skin felt soft … good for dry skin patches also worked really well on my hands. Didn’t need to use a moisturiser afterwards… It lathered easily … I used it as an all-over body soap in the shower and I felt cleansed all over.”

The Dartmoor Skincare Company, Lavender & Rose Geranium Soap

“Light uplifting fragrance … soap lathered well, creamy lather spread well … felt cleansed and refreshed for a long time … sufficiently moisturising that I did not need to use cream on my hands … held its shape and fragrance lasted

The Handmade Soap Company, Grapefruit & Irish Moss Soap

“A very effective cleanser which made skin feel nourished and never dry or stripped. The skin on the hands felt lovely and smooth and hydrated and I found I needed to use less hand cream. It did an excellent job.”

The Wrinkly Elephant Company, Simply Lemongrass

“Effectively cleaned my hands, removing ground-in dirt from gardening effortlessly … I tend to have dry hands and it left them lovely and soft, and I found I didn’t need to use as much hand cream as normal … gentle lemon fragrance came alive with use”

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