Winners, Lip Balms, 2017

Sponsored by Green People


Gold Award


Benecos, Classic Lip Balm

“Looked natural on my lips. It also felt natural and very comfortable to wear in the place of lipstick. After using for a month I certainly feel as if the condition of my lips has improved. I have areas at the corners of my mouth which can become cracked but these disappeared almost after the first use and all I  have now is soft and conditioned lips. Far superior to other mainstream brands that I have tried.”

“It glides on and sits well. I found it to be very moisturising. I used it less often than other lip balms because its effects lasted longer. The sense of protection stayed significantly longer. Sometimes I just can’t get any relief from dryness – this was impressive. My lips are more moisturised. Excellent and great value for money.”

“This has been my favourite product out of the whole lot. It is really comfortable and nourishing. Really moisturising. Honestly my lips couldn’t have been drier – I was really self conscious, as I don’t usually have flaky lips, but this product sorted them right out!”


Silver Award

Amphora Aromatics, Lemon Thyme Tea Tree Lip Balm

“My lips have definitely become soft and moisturised so I think this is a very effective product. I only use natural balms and this was just as effective as any others I have used but I also particularly liked the lemony scent. It definitely delivered and, although I don’t really like jars of lip balm, there is such a lot here for the money that it’s brilliant value.”

“The product improved my lips’ condition the very first time I applied it. After just two applications my lips that were originally sore and cracking immediately felt better.  Over the last month it has worked wonders.”

Pinwheel Balms, Calendula Unscented Lip Balm

“Oftentimes I find that the more you use a lip balm, the drier your lips become. Not so with this product, which I think made my lips less dry and tight as the month progressed. This performs very well compared to both non-natural and mainstream lip balms. The texture makes the product feel premium and – despite being labelled unscented – it had a lovely natural scent to it which struck the right balance between boring natural products and artificial mainstream products.”

“Has definitely improved the condition of my lips – I’ve had virtually no dryness or chapping. This is the best lip balm I’ve used, especially when compared to other mainstream brands which always feel too claggy. Delivered far more than I expected.”


Bronze Award

JustBe Botanicals, JustBe Soft Lip Balm

“The product continued to work throughout the month and has dramatically improved the condition and appearance of my lips, clearing up the dry/chapped patches in the corners of my mouth and healing a small split in my bottom lip. My lips now feel significantly softer, more moisturised and look plumper. Significantly better than other lip balms I have used, both natural and non-natural.”

Nature Saponified, Juicy Orange & Shea Moisturising Lip Butter

“Very moisturising on the lips. Lasts really well … looks natural on the lips as it’s a balm and totally clear. Over the month it helped with my really dry parched lips, keeping my lips from flaking, and they stayed soft even in the windy weather. Leaves lips feeling super soft … used it at night too and it helped to bring lips back into great condition. I would certainly buy it again.”


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