Winners, Men’s Grooming, 2013

Gold Award

Live Native

Live Native Head to Toe for Men Remedial Moisturiser

“Ten out of ten for the fragrance – a real man’s product – but container too small and would not last long” 
“Great at moisturising dry skin and lasts for a good while after application” “Loved the multi-purpose qualities … packaging very expensive looking and sophisticated and masculine” 
“Fragrance reminded me of cocktail like pina colada … ‘handmade’ and ‘organic’ are always welcome on products you’re about to apply to your body … provides lasting moisture”


Silver Award

Bathing Beauty Up Close Men’s Shave Oil

“Excellent aroma – really liked the citrus herbal smell.” 
“Razor glides over easily and makes for a very comfortable shave … works so well I have not felt the need to overlay it with my current shaving cream” 
“A bit sharp first thing in the morning, but refreshing for an evening shave” 


Bronze Award

Spiezia Organics Nourishing Face Balm

“Good to nourish skin after heavy sun exposure … luxurious and appealing packaging” 
“Fragrance soft, herby … skin felt softer after use.” 
“Skin felt really good after this … gave it a healthy glow” 
“Used it several times as an overnight moisturiser and felt my cheeks looked younger and smoother”

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