Winners, Men’s Grooming, 2015

Gold Award

Bloom Remedies

Bloom Remedies, Men’s Daily Moisture Care

“Had a cooling sensation on the skin which was very pleasant especially after shaving. Lines seemed less obvious. Super light gel-cream texture and a masculine scent of cedarwood and lavender which I liked very much.”

“As effective as any product I have come across. It keeps skin soft and supple throughout the day without being greasy.”

“I used this product twice a day; after shaving and after an evening shower. Post shaving effects over the month were therapeutic and medicinal – softening my face and easing shaving rash.”

“Performs superbly, moisturising and freshening my skin leaving it smooth and vibrant – smells great, works great, well worth the money.”


Silver Award

elements natural skincare for men, Face Scrub

“Didn’t contain all the harsh, large grains many scrubs do but did a great job of giving a deep clean. Rinsed off easily. Left skin feeling nourished and clean but not stripped. Skin felt so comfortable I didn’t feel the need to moisturise afterwards or if I did I only needed a tiny amount.”

“My skin felt clean, supple and moisturised after use – effectively removed dead skin cells and left my skin feeling clean and supple and looking ‘bright’.”

“My daughter claimed my facial skin looks much better smoother, less wrinkled more rejuvenated. Given its effects over the past month and the small amount that I had to use, I would rate it value for money – a well balanced product.”


Bronze Award

soothe-me, Beard Oil (Handsomely Scented)

“My beard felt softer and more controlled. It felt happier and instantly softened. It feels looked after and healthy. The oil promised to condition and maintain my beard and it delivered – really love the ingredients, it’s got really lovely ones such as jojoba, avocado, spearmint, cedarwood. I like that it’s handmade and organic.”

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