Winners, Men’s Grooming, 2017

Sponsored by Beauty Kitchen


Gold Award

Bloom Remedies

Rosalena, Beauty & The Beast Face Oil

“Absorbs very well into the skin and leaves it looking natural not shiny. Made my skin feel soft after cleansing and I didn’t feel the need for a moisturiser afterwards. It also replaced my aftershave balm. The redness in my cheeks has gone and around my nose too. I don’t get shaving rash so much any more either and the dryness has gone too. I would buy it.”

“A smoother feel to the skin was achieved, growing in efficacy over the month. Skin is smoother, more flexible and feels more comfortable. Dry patches have improved markedly. Shaving also feels more comfortable. Effective. Would be happy to use again.”


Silver Award

Pure & Light Organic Skincare, Essential Face Cream for Gentlemen

“A very effective moisturiser, fast absorbing and fast acting. My skin has a really nice glow to it, is softer and feels well hydrated and protected. My stubble is definitely softer, leaving it easier to shave and consequently causing less irritation. Delivered 100%.”

“Skin looked and felt less dry and much less dull and with fewer lines. Had a soothing effect. Very happy with it.”


Bronze Award

Natural Ireland, Natural Shaving Soap

“This product created a good texture and applied better than my usual brand. Delivered fully on its promises. This is now my brand of choice. Good product, packaging, size and delivery method. The labelling is elegant and the ingredients wonderfully effective.”

Samaya Ayurveda, Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream

“Absorbs well and quickly. After about a week I started to see a difference. My face looked fresher and not as tired. I didn’t notice the creases on my eyes as much; a couple of people said I looked rested and not as stressed. My skin feels really balanced and not as oily. It’s softer than it was before. I’d definitely use it again.”

The Irish Nettle Company/Neantog, Men’s Aftershave

“This is a great product – the creamy moisturising texture is great and it absorbs well into the skin. It reduced the dryness on my face over the course of testing and I think it is great value for money. As someone who has acne-prone skin I like the fact that it contains aloe vera and I found it soothing when applied.”


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