Winners, Men’s Grooming, 2018


Green People, Green People for Men Exfoliating Face Scrub

“The smell is lovely – very fresh and zingy. Performs very well, feels very nice on the skin and rinses off very easily. My skin felt invigorated, cleansed and soft. It didn’t make my skin feel dry at all. The exfoliation felt just right. After a month of using it I my skin definitely feels softer.”

“The texture was sufficiently grainy to ensure excellent exfoliation. Application was easy. I liked the invigorating feel from the scrub and found it very easy to rinse away. Very invigorating and skin deep-cleaned. My shaving was made smoother and closer with no rash after cleansing with the scrub. Skin quality seems better, not least because of achieving a closer, rash-free shave.”



Rosalena Skincare, Beauty & The Beast Face Oil

“Gives an immediate softening effect that offers a glowing aspect to the skin. The oil’s fragrance is a delight. The texture is light and easily absorbed, heating quickly in the hands and magically transferring into the skin. A great success.”

“My skin felt nicely moisturised … didn’t make my skin look shiny or oily … nice but subtle fragrance. Absorbs the best of all the face oils that I’ve used. As a moisturiser this is a very effective product. I would love to receive it as a gift.” 



Conscious Skincare, Conscious Man Absolute Shower All Over Wash Hair Hands

“Cleansed and refreshed skin very well. It also worked well on my hair and did not leave any greasiness. Very easy to rinse off. A lovely body wash which works well, leaves my skin feeling comfortable and has a lovely fresh spicy scent which makes it distinctive amongst other body washes. My wife liked the scent so much that she kept using it!”

GDO Men’s Grooming Range, Unscented Facial Moisturiser

“Oil is very gentle … provided instant moisturisation which lasted all day. So fast acting and absorbing I can use it on the go … has not only provided excellent results, but great relief too. I had an allergic reaction to medication which dried my skin out hugely, and it helped reduce redness, soreness and flakiness. My skin looks smooth, clear and very well moisturised.”


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