Winners, Oils and Oil-based Serums, 2016

Gold Award


Terre Verdi, FranChouliPom Body Oil

“The results were evident quite quickly … my skin felt great: supple, soft and healthy. My skin is fresh and light – not clogged up, because the oil is lovely and light. No shiny residue – perfect.”

“My legs, at 45 years of age, look youthful – 10-20 years younger – and have never looked this good. I’ve been out in a skirt with bare legs for the first time in years – a real confidence booster.”


Silver Award

Dr Botanicals, Superfood Facial Oil

“Skin felt amazing, radiant, but not greasy. It felt like such a boost for the skin and I loved this from the moment I first used it.”

“Sounds odd but this serum had an almost dry texture which was immensely light, and my combination, dehydrated skin loved it. Absorbed instantly but left skin comforted, nourished and thoroughly hydrated.” 

Sukin, Supergreens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+

“I really liked that it had unusual ingredients – hemp seed oil, olive fruit oil, baobab oil and supergreens such as kale, spirulina, parsley and chorella extracts. Full of antioxidants for the face … a cocktail of goodness that you just want to put on your skin!”

Yogandha, Relax Body Oil

“You feel as if you’re nurturing your skin rather than just applying a body oil. My skin feels softer. The product is excellent.”

“My elbows and knees which were particularly dry look so much better and I won’t mind showing them off as soon as the weather warms up.”


Bronze Award

Martha Hill, Orange Body Oil

“As a day-to-day oil it’s lovely, feels luxurious and more expensive than it is. This is perfect for soft skin… and ideal for stubborn dry patches of skin.”

“The smell is delightful, very fruity, a cross between orange and apricots… the right texture for applying to large areas of the body quickly.”

Neal’s Yard Remedies, Argan Oil

“So light and almost fragrance free – perfect. Make up goes straight over the top with no sliding or shine … Excellent, it kept my skin hydrated all day and it felt slightly plumper too.”

“Everything I used it on after a month improved – itchy scalp, dry cuticles, frizzy dry hair, dry skin.” 

Saaf Pure Organic Skincare, Saaf Eraser Body Oil

This is a lovely oil to start the day with. It is a pleasure to use and much later in the day I can still feel it on my skin. After a month, the dry patches on my body were much better. My skin felt soft and silky and I still enjoyed using it. The mild eczema on the backs of my knees and on my calves has gone.”

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