Winners, Oils and Oil-based Serums, 2015

Gold Award


Neom Organics, Great Day Body Oil

“Performed incredibly well – it was addictive! My skin was very hydrated and moisturised and it lasted all day. It worked especially well on elbows and knees and I even used it on my feet. My skin appears more youthful, well hydrated, smoother and silkier. I have no dry patches on my knees or elbows and I also applied to my decolletage where again it was absorbed well. My skin felt like it had experienced a moisturisation boost which lasted all day … definitely delivered.”

“The combined ingredients of wild mint and mandarin are a lovely combination ”

“The texture is perfect – the oil is light and non-greasy to the touch … absorbs quickly, easily- and completely into the skin – perfomed brilliantly on a day-to-day basis.” 


Silver Award

Ayumi, Tranquility Massage, Bath & Body Oil

“Skin looks more healthy as it’s soft and clear and feels smooth and hydrated. I have no areas or patches of dry or red irritated skin and blemishes have also improved. As a tranquility massage oil the product has delivered great and amazing results for me and my skin.”

“Absorbed into skin very easily and instantly, left skin with a dewy soft feeling.”

Balm Balm, Frankincense Light Facial Oil

“Definitely have seen long term benefits – skin looks fresher, clearer and feels more moisturised with a slightly improved glow to it.”

“The fragrance is very pleasant, it is delicate and has hints of frankincense and grapefruit, so I enjoyed using it – texture is just right, not too thick and not too thin, it is light which is what I prefer in a facial oil as it is less likely to clog your pores. Skin more radiant, more firm – I love it.”

Pai Skincare, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

“Skin felt super nourished and cushioned. Looked immediately brighter like I had been for a facial. At night I didn’t feel I had to moisturise on top of this. Beautiful fragrance with a hint of rosehip. Very rich in colour and texture and felt luxurious to use. Much more indulgent than other rosehip oils I have used and it didn’t have a super greasy feel to it. Loved it.”

“Great improvement on some areas – very dry skin patches much improved.” 

Terre Verdi, Yoga & Sports Oil

“Used after excercise and it did a really great job: skin feels better, hydrated and smooth – small enough bottle to put in the gym bag, seemed to help to relax and recover after exercise, warming to skin.”

“Was suffering with very dry skin at the time of testing and this immediately hydrated skin and made it feel comforted. Skin looked nourished without being greasy. Fragrance was lovely as it had a mild aroma of eucalyptus and a woody, spicy scent.” 

White Wash Soaps, Wild Rose Facial Oil

“Easy to use via a pipette-style applicator – a couple of drops were recommended at night time … my skin felt cooler, calmer and hydrated. The following morning my skin looked refreshed, less sensitive and less red – a wonderful rose fragrance which was very uplifting, comforting and calming … absorbed very quickly, no residue or oiliness was left behind. My make-up glided on without clogging or needing to apply more than usual.”


Bronze Award

001 Skincare, Intensive Elixir

“Loved it and felt it was one of the best and most effective products I have ever used as it nourished and smoothed my skin like no other. My skin has improved in its moisture level and my fine lines have diminished as well – it just feels so much more nourished after a month.”

AD Skin Synergy, Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil

“I liked the idea of it nourishing my skin overnight and felt that skin was plump and nourished in the morning. Works in well – lines were less noticeable and dry patches eliminated using this. Skin plumper and glowing with health. Really good results, skin radiant and also worked well on dry psoriasis-prone patches on knees and elbows.” 

ishga, Invigorating Body Oil

“The combination of Lavender and Juniper is wonderful – product absorbs into the skin very well – product performed well each day and had a good skin softening effect … After a month of use my skin felt softer and smoother … enjoyed using this and was impressed with how little I needed to use by the end of the month” 

Oh! Organics, Rose Facial Serum Oil

“It performed very well. After using this product for a month my skin feels softer and well hydrated. I loved this product and will change to using it from my current serum.”

“Absorbs quickly into the skin and within minutes I was left with soft skin that felt smooth to the touch – has helped a lot with dry skin and with evening my skin tone.”

Sukin, BioNatural Skin Oil

“Fewer vertical lines on my neck, I have less crepeyness. My skin is smoother and looks better – very pleased with the results.”

“Have noticed my skin is brighter and the fine lines do look less obvious – would buy and use this oil again. It is multi purpose, goes a long way and has improved the feel of my skin.”

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