Winners, Oils and Oil-based Serums, 2019


Fiini Naturally, Oat Seabuckthorne oil serum

“My skin feels very supple and soft, no dry areas, I feel that my skin’s overall condition has improved over the last few weeks … have tried a lot of face oils over the years, this is definitely one of my favourites!”

“I have noticed a huge change in my skin’s moisture levels as it looks so much more nourished and hydrated after using the serum twice a day for a month, it has helped so much with my stubborn dry patches.”

“It really did deliver and not just with hydration and nourishing the skin but it made my skin so soft and feeling really healthy … I would use it again as I loved the results.”



Conscious Skincare, Gentle Retinol Active Organic Face Serum

“My skin appeared glowing, well-hydrated and felt soft and less tight after applying the product.”

“My skin is definitely softer, smoother and better hydrated at the end of the month. As a result, fine lines are less obvious. This serum is amazing under makeup. I find I don’t need to use primer when using this product, it helps my makeup set without looking and feeling cakey, it smoothes the skin around my eyes and stops concealer settling into the lines.”

Joanna Naturals, Harmony Facial Oil

“My skin felt like velvet and looked soft and nourished – almost brought a bloom to my face.”

“I was amazed from the first application, the oil absorbed beautifully, made my skin feel like velvet and soothed a patch of eczema which was red and irritated! A wonderful and vital pure oil on my face which has actually improved the condition of my skin. This is by far the best “dry oil” I have ever used – no problem using it night or day.”

Laponie of Scandinavia, Face Oil

“My skin was so nourished just with two drops of oil. I did not need to add any more product after and the oil spread easily all over my face. I loved the natural glow I experienced after using the oil, and several people commented.”

“I absolutely loved the oil and my skin did too … it was left smoother, hydrated and more supple.”

Lyonsleaf, Scented Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate Facial Oil

“This facial oil is a real gem and does the work of products costing five times as much! My skin felt calm, less prone to dryness or tightness and it felt plumper overall.”

“This is one of the best oils I have used in terms of its absorbancy. It quickly absorbs withing 60 seconds and does not leave any marks on my pillow.  My skin was left soft and moisturised, it definitely works for me to use an oil as well as a moisturiser.”



Apothaka®, Comforting oil booster

“The product is really fantastic as it’s a super lightweight oil. Nourishing and calming on my skin, leaving it hydrated, silky soft and more radiant. Love it. Renews my faith in facial oils.”

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Cell Repair Night Oil

“On waking in the morning my skin was noticeably more radiant. My skin felt plumper, nourished and it was very luxurious to use.  I find the scent is just so relaxing. It is so calming just before bedtime.”

Gaia Skincare, Face Serum

“Skin health and appearance looked better than it had in ages … My face feels lovely, super-duper-soft and my complexion is literally glowing, my skin looked smoother and more moisturised and my pores were smaller.”

Holos Skincare, Holos – Love Your Skin, Antiageing Facial Oil

“My skin is definitely less dry, I am a runner and cyclist and thanks to this oil I have moisture back in my face … Best thing about this was that it didn’t leave the skin oily, which is rare for face oils.”

Meadows- pure skin care fresh from the farm, Meadows- Revitalising Face Serum

“This product is extremely moisturising and makes my skin feel instantly hydrated and comforted. It gives skin an instant glow without making it look greasy.” Skin looks younger and definitely feels like it’s been given a boost, others have noticed too.”

Saira Skin, Hydrating Facial Oil

“Skin looked dewy after first application and felt very hydrated and smooth. Light oil with a fresh fragrance that is hard to describe but a little of figs and almonds – it is pleasant and not overpowering.”

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