Winners, Problem Skin, 2013

Gold Award

Gentrl Green

Gentle Green Soothing Cream

“Gorgeous fragrance – gentle and soothing from the lavender, calendula and chamomile … perfect rich texture – stops skin itching and leaves it soft, so moisturising on dry skin and eczema” 
“Within a month this product has virtually eliminated dry flaky patches” “Soothed inflamed patches of psoriasis … delivered what it promised … the purest of ingredients – very impressed” 
“Has changed my life by being first product to eliminate my eczema – magic in a jar!” 


Silver Award

Botanicals Lavender and Chamomile Botanical Balm

“Very good on dry and rough winter skin … skin looked more moisturised and had a slight sheen – a natural healing product” 
“Gorgeous texture – almost like whipped egg whites” 
“Soothing, softening, protecting – would buy for soothing properties alone” “Much better than most balms I’ve used and very economical”

Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm

“Made dry patches disappear after a few days … a lovely balm that does the job quickly and without residues” 
“Very healing and soothing with no sting … also great on severe cracks on heels … seems to actively promote healing” 
“Great that in a dark jar – thank goodness for companies who understand the best properties of oils are volatile to light”


Bronze Award

Live Native Everybody Every Day Low-Allergenic Moisturiser

“Effective from the word go … made my skin soft, and it continued to improve, getting more supple” 
“Flakes disappeared, areas of bumpy skin smoothed … nourishing, moisturising, didn’t aggravate my rosacea – really like it” 
“Amazing that it’s handmade and organic – and that my skin didn’t react to it!”