Winners, Problem Skin, 2014

Gold Award

Lyonsleaf, Healing Calendula Cream


“Calmed dry itchy areas where clothes rub and eczema springs up almost immediately. Over a week, the dry areas almost completely cleared up, and when used before bed the skin felt lovely and smooth and plump in the morning. More than impressed me” 
“I will be buying this product: I love it, my skin loves it!” 
“Has cleared the psoriasis on my elbows and for the first time in months they are not sore” 
“Surprising, brilliant improvements”


Silver Award

Apicare, Manuka Therapy 30% Honey Cream

“Gorgeous honey scented smell, not too sweet and over powering though. Almost immediate difference – redness reduced on patch of eczema, skin felt immediately more moisturised and nourished. Itchiness reduced” 
“My dermatitis has cleared up well and my hands are much more hydrated. If I do get the odd spot I find they heal more quickly.”

Bloom Remedies, Daily Detox Moisturiser with Palmarosa & Tea Tree

“The lavender healed, the witch hazel reduced my oiliness, the calendula soothed and calmed my rosacea. Has a lovely feel” 
“Has calmed down my skin quite a lot – no longer any redness or dry patches, fewer spots and blemishes!” 
“Skin hydrated, soothing, felt both plumper and brighter – calmed itchy problem skin”

Green People, Daily Solution – Anti Blemish

“My skintone looked more even and brighter. I noticed a reduction in visible pores and my skin was less congested with fewer blackheads. The scaly, dry, red patches on my cheeks appeared smooth and less inflamed.” 
“Dry patches were improved – skin looked healthier, any oily patches were toned down, skin broke out in spots less.”

PHB Ethical Beauty, Skin Repair Gel with Aloe and Lavender

“Extraordinary texture: a jelly that seems to become watery the moment you start rubbing it in, leaving a delightful cool tingle. Very soothing on mildly irritated skin” 
“Delivered an awful lot more than anticipated. Used it on sunburn: took the sting out of the burn and helped calm”
“Patch of irritation behind my knees, classic eczema spots, disappeared entirely”


Bronze Award

Chuckling Goat, Pro-Biotic Skin Food for Troubled Skin

“Really healing my skin and use it regulary to keep flare-ups at bay and I really feel that it’s working deep down to keep my skin calmer.”
“Noticeably reduced redness after first 24 hours. It leaves skin soft, moisturised and calmed. Great natural ingredients and, as it claims, is pretty powerful”

Kris d’Amour, Soothing Body Treatment Butter

“My unloved dry winter shins positively drank in the goodness and felt nourished and smooth. Leaves a nice subtle shine on skin; definite improvement in dryness” 
“Scaly dry patches and eczema irritation were improved, calmed itchy skin, promoted skin cell regeneration” 
“Anti inflammatory agents great for any problematic skin”

MuLondon, Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser

“My skin looked plumper, smoother and more uniform. Yes, I loved it and yes, I think it’s fantastic value for such a superbly moisturising all-organic cream.” 
“My knees looked and felt much smoother, more moisturised and rejuvenated! I would buy it for problem dry areas, and recommend for anyone with eczema and possibly for scar tissue.”

Weleda, Aknedoron Purifying Lotion

“Helped to calm my skin and prevent breakouts, while still maintaining plump, well hydrated skin” 
“Pump dispenser would be useful, but definite improvement and calmer skin”
“Fantastic product. As a sufferer from acne rosacea nothing has ever helped.  Now at last I have found a product which does the business.”

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