Winners, Problem Skin, 2015

Gold Award

Gem’s Natural Skin Care, Gem’s Dry Skin Balm


“Skin condition has really improved – sore dry patches and spots from ingrown hairs are healing, flakey, scaly dry skin has all gone, comfort and skin health have been restored. My skin no longer feels parched tight and irritated. This product delivered all that was promised it cleared up several skin problems that I had within one month of testing.”

“My skin felt soft and moisturised after the first use and something amazing happened – the itching stopped completely almost straight away! This particular flare up has been ongoing for almost two years and in a matter of a few weeks of using this balm, I can finally wear a skirt again without embarrassment. The scaliness has almost gone, as has the redness, and the irritation is finally under control. I’m amazed!”



Syrinx Za, Deep Cleanser, Detoxifying Therapy Bar

“It delivered results – skin was clearer and my blemishes were much improved! Would definately use, buy and recommend!”

“My skin looked better after using this bar than when I use soap, which I always find drying, so condition was better. My skin was definitely less dry and less itchy after using this bar instead of soap. The antiseptic qualities are great.”

“The more obvious difference for me was that bumps from my keratosis on the backs of my arms had smoothed out. The product worked well at helping keep spots and blemishes at bay.”


Silver Award

Botanicals Organic Skincare, Soothing Salve

“Used the balm specifically on an area of dry skin where I had had a blister and I could see a definite improvement the next morning — easy to use and smoothes into the skin easily – excellent for dry patches of skin whilst remaining gentle. This salve is really lovely and extremely effective – works really well on my hands and I am now also using it on my feet. It’s a great multipurpose product and I’d definitely buy it again.”

Hope’s Relief, Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream

“I used this after washing my chapped, eczema-prone hands with NHS standard soap at work and was really impressed with how intensely moisturising it was. It definitely improved my skin’s condition; my hands were notably less chapped and my eczema had calmed down. Dry patches on my body were calmer and less inflamed, and overall less flaky as a result. The inflamed areas had reduced after a month, and were less itchy and dry. I would buy this product again as an alternative to steroid cream and hand cream.”


Bronze Award

Akoma, Shea Million

“Perfomed exceptionally well – my skin felt deeply moisturied, calmed, and less irritated. My skin’s condition improved dramatically. Patches of eczema disappered and my skin looked hydrated rather than dry and flaky. My skin tone appeared more even. My skin no longer felt tight, sore, or sensitive.”

Beeutiful, B-balm

“Helped soothed the irritation of my psoraisis straight away. Within a few days redness and irritation was visibly reduced and soothed. After about 10 days of use the psoraisis on most of the areas I used the balm, was nearly gone.”

Lyonsleaf, Calendula Cream

“Quickly became our ‘go to’ product for all skin problems. I put it on my seven year old daughter’s chapped skin on her hands and she loved it – very soothing and effective. Great product, really versatile, loved it and would buy and recommend.”

Pai Skincare, Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

“The texture is really creamy and rich but feels incredibly light on the skin, which is wonderful. My skin has felt so much calmer, happier, less red/irritated from the moment I started using this. My skin has been less inflamed, angry and red in patches and has been soothed and protected with this miracle cream.” 

zk’in, Purifying Cleansing Gel

“Skin felt very cleansed and smoothed. Pores seem smaller, oil is reduced and there’s a healthy glow from within.”
“Like many Australian natural brands it seems to be a very postive company. More than happy with the ingredients, and like the way unusual ones are explained on packaging.”

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