Winners, Problem Skin, 2016

Gold Award

LyonsleafBALMOLOGY, Calendula & Chamomile Comfort Balm

“Very versatile, soothed razor burn, blistered heels, allergy rash – instantly.”

“It was brilliant on rough elbows and knees, absolutely brilliant on permantly dry rough lips, I would buy it for this alone as have a cupboard full of so called lip balms and nothing has come close to this in results, after years of struggling, I finally have lips that don’t bother me.”

“Smelt soothing, absorbed easily and quickly … a briliant product. I think I would cry if I could not buy this!”


Silver Award

Green People, Neutral/Sensitive Light Day Moisturiser

“Super moisturiser for my combination skin without increasing oiliness in my T-zone. Skin felt clearer with fewer breakouts … kept skin feeling hydrated and fine lines slightly less noticeable.”

“It has a soothing and calming effect … anti-inflammatory properties to reduce any irritation are brilliant.”

The Naked Skincare Company, Hemp and Avocado Body Butter

“Very pleasant neutral fragrance and texture. I used it on knees, heels and dry skin on my legs and found it was very healing, much more so than other products.”

“I liked the velvetty texture, it melted really well into my skin. Cracks in my heels improved considerably. Soothed and moisturised chapped hands. It’s perfect.” 


Bronze Award

Apicare, Rescue Me All Purpose Gel

“Almost instantly soothed the skin, leaving it hydrated and less irritated. Helped improve the skin’s condition and there were less outbreaks of irritation.”

“Skin felt less itchy and troublesome overall. A great addition to the bathroom/medicine cupboard.” 

Chuckling Goat, Soothing Kefir Lotion

“Eczema was much improved. It was much less irritated and less dry it also wasn’t red any longer. My skin felt much better – less itchy, less dry and much less inflamed. In fact many patches had completely gone, which I am thrilled with. I have previously used ointments and creams prescribed by my doctor that haven’t worked but this did.” 

Kytio, Tilia Beeswax Ointment

“It absorbs rapidly and leaves a protective film on the top. So, so soothing … has a cooling feeling which takes the itch out of eczema. Amazing product.”

“It helped my very dry and damaged areas of skin to feel softer, smoother and less irritated.” 

Myroo Skincare, Superfood Balm – Fragrance Free

“The balm was very soothing – the ingredients were calming on the skin, reducing the itchiness of dry skin patches/eczema and reducing redness. It hydrated the skin as the barrier layer seemed to lock in moisture. After a month of use I felt that the product performed extremely well as an all-purpose balm and found myself reaching for it often.”

Nia, Just Balm

“It made my skin feel softer, more hydrated and stopped it itching.”

“Skin’s condition improved significantly … appeared less inflamed, red and scaly and looked more hydrated and plump. It didn’t itch, and no longer felt uncomfortably tight and painfully dry.”

“Addressed my eczema, rosacea and allergic rashes and significantly improved the condition of skin.”

The Balm Boutique, Green Healing Cream

“One of my favourite things about this balm is that when applied to inflamed, excoriated eczema, it seemed to soothe it and reduce the itch straight away.”

“Lessens my urge to scratch, which is its greatest bonus. My children liked it and my daughter’s mild eczema cleared up. I love this little balm.”

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