Winners, Problem Skin, 2017

Gold Award

LyonsleafMrs Frisbee’s All Naturals, Tattoo Aftercare Balm

“Found it gentle and moisturising. Skin was sore after getting the tattoo and this helped straight away. Used every few hours and seemed to work. Tattoo looks good and has not scabbed. Was a little concerned as people had suggested using other products, but I preferred the idea of a natural one. It’s healing well, so I’m happy.”

“I think this balm helped immensely with the healing of my tattoo, it seemed to dry much quicker than in the past.  I had my eyebrows done, and it healed in 5 days instead of the usual nine!”

“For a simple little balm, this was very impressive. I didn’t think it would be that great but in fairness it performed just as well as the sample of healing cream I was given at the salon. My skin healed as normal, maybe a little quicker, and I didn’t lose the tattoo colouring at all.”


Silver Award

Soapy Skin Ltd, Goats Milk Honey Oats Soap

“My skin was much better after a month. It was less dry and the soap even managed to get rid of some of the hard dry spots on the backs of my arms which I really struggle with. My skin was much less dry and irritated after a month and much more manageable. This soap was a big surprise.”

“The honey was soothing and my eczema was calmer, soothed and a lot less angry. My skin did improve … eczema was less inflamed and itchy, less dry and tight. Much better than other soaps, it lathered really well, lasted a long time, moisturised the skin, comforted it by making it less sore and aggravated.”

Tropic Skin Care, Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask

“I have sensitive skin it worked really well without causing any redness or irritation. Worked very well on acne/oily skin. The texture is just right for a clay based mask … helped very much with acne breakouts and blemishes used once a week and even on individual spots. I would buy again as the results were impressive.”

“A huge improvement in skin condition using this regularly and the day before an event it really perked my skin and complexion up. Felt skin had fewer blemishes, and skin tone was smoother skin looked and felt ‘fresher’ with better smoothness. Any downsides? Only having to clean the green out of the sink afterwards – but well worth the trouble!”

Westlab, Skin Nourishing Dead Sea Supersalts

“A pleasure to use. They made the bathwater seem buoyant and my skin felt comfortable afterwards. Soaking in the bath helped to heal the eczema on my back which is irritated by my bra strap.”

“I enjoyed my bath using these salts. My skin feels softer and smoother. In particular I bathed after shaving my legs and was delighted with the results. No razor burn. I noticed an improvement in dry patches – they reduced and were less itchy. A great product.”

“Light lavendery fragrance – just right and not too ‘intimidating’ for a male tester. Has helped with itch. Good labelling. Very likeable product.”


Bronze Award

Mallow + White, Soothe Cleansing Oil

“A joy to find a sensitive, technically fragrance free product that smells wonderful without irritant additives. An excellent cleanser – it took off makeup with ease, moisturised, and my eczema gradually improved with use. Eczema around my eyes and cheeks became less red and inflamed, and flare-ups occurred less frequently. Better than any other cleansing oil I’ve tried, even those aimed at sensitive skin. I’m highly impressed with it.”

The Irish Nettle Company/Neantog, Oily skin facial moisturiser

“I have sensitive skin and it helped to soothe. Over the month the moisturiser helped to keep my skin hydrated and balanced. I have an oily T-zone and it has really helped to control the oily nature of my skin as well as moisturising the dry areas too. Skin felt a lot better – much more balanced and hydrated. I really liked this moisturiser for my skin as it helped to restore the balance and hydrated so well.”

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