Winners, Problem Skin, 2018


Lyonsleaf, Zinc and Calendula Cream

“Reduced inflammation on my skin immediately – from being red and scaly, my skin turned to more normal colour and scaliness softened considerably. On my son’s eczema sites, this cream removed the itch and calmed the inflammation straight away whilst softening the skin at the same time. The scabby sites reduced in size. Therapeutic benefits last for hours. Both my skin and my son’s skin were improved within days. Far better than most ‘problem skin balms’. I hope this product wins this category – it deserves to win.”

“I first used it on hot bumpy eczema and it took the heat straight out. It instantly calms all manner of skin problems like a hug in a jar. My skin loved this balm, soaked it up and relaxed.  It seems to destress skin and protect it while it heals. It stops hot and itchy eczema in its tracks and allows it time. My skin is so much better in the eczema and dry skin areas and it is a great little first aid kit in a jar for gardening hand nicks and scratches. It is a miraculous little balm and leaves ordinary moisturisers behind because they don’t take the heat and itch out.”



ORGANii, Intensive Organic Soothing Cream

“The condition of my skin was awful – dry, cracked and very sore and only getting progressively worse with the cold weather. It was quite severe and not responding to my normal creams. My skin felt less dry and sore after the first use and even after washing my hands, the cream still seemed to have an effect. Performed brilliantly on a day to day basis and did a better job than I was expecting. The more I used it, the better the effect … skin showed a massive improvement over the course of the month.”

Wild Beauty Apothecary, Harmony Rescue Mask

“My skin was a bit of a mess before first use; some dry inflamed areas, some spotty acne prone areas. Some were red and scarred, some flakey and dry. It was moderately severe and complicated. After using this, I noticed skin immediately seemed brighter and more toned. The red areas seemed calmer and the dry areas felt exfoliated. Worked very well for my combination skin. A lovely mask for treating whatever condition my skin chose to throw at me! Soothed inflamed spots and calmed red angry skin.”



Bia Beauty Skincare, Skin Superfood

“Skin feels more balanced and less reactive – generally softer and not dry at all. Eczema has not returned, blocked pores/spots have not returned and there has been a lessening of the purply red scars from old infections so they are less noticeable. An excellent product for troubled skin and in comparison to more conventional moisturisers it is just as good.”

Éminence Organic Skincare, Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

“Had a calming effect, my skin felt softer, fresher and cleaner. The couple of spots I had were not so angry looking. My skin felt smoother as well. My spots were calmed for sure. I had no more spots and my skin around my chin was less inflamed.  This was a huge step forward and improvement for me. Healthier looking skin, that was smooth and calmed.  Definitely delivered on my problem areas.”

Lovegrove Essentials, Cleansing Balm

“Skin looked better hydrated with no visible dry areas. It looked slightly ‘glowy’ too. The product has a delightful herby-citrusy fragrance, which I loved. The product worked brilliantly on a day-to-day basis and definitely did its job – it was easy to use and made an immediate, discernible difference. I sometimes get itchiness and this product relieved that problem. Skin’s condition definitely improved over the month, becoming less dry, smoother (looking and feeling) and fewer spots.”

Lyonsleaf, Calendula and Marshmallow Balm

“Before using my skin was inflamed, red, angry, irritable, broken, sore and dry. After, it was more comfortable, soothed, hydrated and calmer. Was a great multi tasker: also amazing on the lips. Skin condition defiently improved, tone was clearer, smoother, my skin was more resiliant and less sore, redness calmed and skin was less cracked. It feels a lot better, a lot more comfortable, less tight, less sensitive and healed. I love that its such a multi-use product and can be used on babies and children.”

Rosalena Skincare, Love & Me Face Oil

“After first use my skin looked healthy with a good glow and sheen to it. Instantly calmed, soothed and delivered radiance. This was the area in which I think the oil really excelled itself. Over the course of the month I didn’t really notice redness that would have been evident before using the oil and spot breakouts were much less. All of the angst that my skin suffers for a few days a month seemed to just melt away.”


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