Winners, Problem Skin, 2019


Fiini Naturally, Oat shea butter

“Far surpassed my expectations .. having tried other shea balms in the past, none of them come even close to the effectiveness of this one … worked brilliantly on dry hands and I love that it can be used everywhere, making it very versatile”

“My skin looked really glowing and had a beautiful sheen without looking greasy … left skin feeling calm and not inflamed … definite improvement in the dermatitis, looking less sore … skin is less sensitive, more youthful and seemed to have more elasticity. Calmed down inflammation … better than most products that I have used”

“Looked and smelt a little like a whipped nougat bar … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product with this texture before, but was intriguing and I liked it. Soothing, performed well and would buy it”

“Was suspicious of this product at first and didn’t think I would get on with it, but I started to like it more and more … Has kept the worst of my dryness at bay. Grew on me as the month went on … I found I started to look forward to using it as the weeks went and am now sorry it is almost gone. Just two ingredients, essentially … maybe simpler cosmetics are the way forward”



Honey Bee Beautiful, Sensitive Bee Face Cream

“Before I started using this the skin on my face was in bad condition … itchy, lots of redness and dry flaky patches. First application, my skin felt calmed … Within a week it eliminated completely the redness and flaky patches … a fantastic result. After a month, results are spectacular … I’ve never had a chance to use a face cream that could perform so well in such a short time. My skincare hero”

“Really helped with dryness, worked very well, condition of skin is miles better than it was … calmed irritation and itchiness, skin a lot softer after the month, and smoother. Have struggled to find creams that work and have found this better than other moisturisers”

“Skin started to feel better after just two days – very soft and not itchy … At the end of testing, it’s clear and velvety soft”

Lucky Cloud Skincare, Balancing Face Oil

“Lavender, bergamot, frakincense … smells just as good as it sounds. Absolutely fantastic texture which was soft, ultra absorbent and disappeared into skin immediately like magic. Loved this product … left skin feeling nourished and plump, reduced blemishes and soothed inflammation”

“Immediately soothed a bout of rosacea … Sometimes if you use anything with rosacea skin can feel ‘sealed in’ as if the irritation is festering under a film of oil, but not with this product at all … skin less inflamed and red. Far better than any facial oil I’ve used in the past” 

“So impressed with this … really great to see a product which not only moisturises but helps heal skin with blemishes, without drying out the skin”

OMAoli, Nourishing Face Oil

“Performed well, helped with dryness and the inflamed acne … less re-occurrence of the acne, dryness and inflamed patches gradually reduced … really did improve the health of my skin”

“Light enough to absorb quickly, but effective enough to protect skin, it instantly reduced soreness and dryness … relieved sensitivity in my skin, irritation has subsided a lot .. my sore cheeks are no longer inflamed.”

“Skin visibly improved … helped greatly with dry patches without causing spots or greasy skin. Make-up applies more easily. Wasn’t expecting such a difference”



APICARE, Apicare Restore Me Honey Nut Body Butter

“Rich soothing texture which soaked into my dry patches … performed very well. Perfect after an evening bath or shower … my skin felt beautifully soft and comfortable the following morning. My main skin problem – dry hands – feel far less rough and itchy”

“My legs were less dry and flaky over the longer term … My skin felt better, less dry and flaky. An inner arm rash, which was starting to mend when I began using the cream, eventually cleared up and has not yet returned. Fragrance is lovely, fresh, gentle, soothing … more floral than expected and all the better for it. A good product”

Lyonsleaf, Calendula And Marshmallow Balm

“Very mild and gentle and felt confident using on irritated skin … extremely effective on eczema and dry skin, providing instant relief from itchiness and irritation. Rich but absorbed quickly and skin wasn’t greasy … extremely impressed.”

“A no-nonsense ethical product which keeps giving relief when applied regularly … has left hands beautifully soft, very effective treating small patches of skin. An ideal ‘first aid kit’ product. Will be replacing when this one runs out”

Saira Skin, Hydrating Facial Oil

“Delivered a luxurious, soothing, hydrating experience without being irritating at all … Skin looks less flaky, with fewer inflamed and dry patches, and I had no irritation from the product despite its glorious fragrance which is lovely for someone with very sensitive skin”

“My skin was immediately softened and felt cushioned … fig, mulberry, pomegranate – I liked the fragrance very much. My face is more hydrated after a month, no dry patches left … “

SkinGenius, Leave-On Purifying Gel

“I found this gel to be very calming .. like putting a blanket over flames it reduced everything down. Does soothe specific irritated areas. A great overnight soother … if I had gone to bed with irritated or spotty skin then the next morning it was always so much better. Amazing value too”

“Skin looked healthy and plump, immediately cooling and soothing … began to reduce redness in my cheeks, but also redness in my breakouts on the chin. Fewer breakouts overall and seemed to improve tone and general condition of skin”

Tildas Tribe, Honey & Oatmeal Goats Milk Soap

“Left skin feeling moisturised rather than dry and tight … so impressed by the results. After a month’s use my knees have no signs of dryness, scales or itchiness … was worried it might be too rough, but worked well, and lathered well too”

“Definitely delivered calmed and improved skin … Spots and blackheads lessened, redness reduced, dryness decreased, my skin felt and looked better … cleansed effectively without leaving tightness” 

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